Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm So Excited: CNI Designs

As you may see now and that I mentioned yesterday I was getting a few things done to makeover the lovely blog... courtesy of Weddingbee, I came across an ad from Cherise at CNI designs and instantly contacted her! She typically turns your blogger into a great wedding website but I asked her if she could do something for a wedding blog instead, she asked me a few questions and within a week or so had a draft for me. Loved it and didn't even want any changes so I gave her some of my blogger information and now I have a great header, signature, and fan button. Because this is just my wedding blog and don't know where my blog will head in five months I didn't want to get too elaborate for my blog and spend too much money -- that's why Cherise was fantastic for my needs!

Cherise is a part of the "Southern California Dream Wedding" and here is a little snippet about her from that website:
At CNI Designs, Cherise believes each wedding should be as unique as the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. No two couples are alike, so why should their wedding follow a cookie cutter pattern? Each bride has her own style – from the very traditional to the eccentric – and Cherise believes in encouraging creativity, not stifling it. The free form approach CNI Designs uses during the design process facilitates a playground of ideas and allows for a truly customized design specifically with the bride and groom in mind.

In addition to traditional wedding invitations, CNI Designs offers a unique service to the wedding industry - DVDs and eSave-The-Dates. Combining her love and feel of a handmade invite with the multimedia necessity of today, Cherise launched her line of DVD Invitations, DVD Thank You Cards and electronic Save The Dates. Each DVD includes custom-designed graphics and photo montages that serve as keepsakes for the couple's friends and family.
So Cherise does some awesome different things that would be so unique for your wedding... like custom traditional and DVD wedding invitations, DVD thank you cards, logo and blog design, and even video Save the Dates that you can use to post on your website or email (ooo, score on saving for postage!)

You can check out more info on her and see some of her work by visiting her website and blog here:

Thank you Cherise for doing such a fantastic job on these great touches for my blog, I love it!


kmattso2 said...

Looks great!!

Stephanie said...

love it!!!

Gonna Be His Mrs. said...


Stacy Marie said...

You have a hot sexy blog my friend, I love the new look!

Jenn said...

LOVE the new look! I will def keep her in mind for the future!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Hey Miss Mojito, found you through my girl Westside Wedding.

Love the header and logo! I've been knocking around redesign ideas, thanks for the suggestion!