Friday, November 13, 2009

I'd Kill for a Great Party

After last nights episode of The Office, Mr. Mojito and I thought what a great idea.... let's have a murder mystery dinner party for our dinner rehearsal! We will be in a banquet room so we would have the privacy and space to do it.

Brad went to a couple murder mystery dinner's while he was in college but I've never been to one... everytime I see one though I think of how fun that sounds! So I started on my google hunt last night and got some results I didn't love.

First place I thought of was something I've had in my favorites for some time, it's called "The Gourmet Detective" and I have always heard fabulous things about it. They have two locations, one of them being in Newport Beach. I took a look at their website and they only do theirs at location -- no private parties. Thought I would take a look at more details thinking maybe we could just have the rehearsal there but it was $59 a person. Since we will be having close to 30 people possibly, that would be quite the steep payment for my Mojito in-laws.
Next I found a couple of independent entertainers in the Hollywood area that will come to your location and it comes with all of the bells and whistles -- you get welcome letters, props, a detective, extras, prizes, etc. That would be great and everything but these people where anywhere from $1400-$3500!! That wouldn't even be including the dinner.
I think I'm slowly moving on with this idea. I think the only option would be to buy a kit to do it ourselves that they sell online. That would be fun but someone still has to organize the whole thing and I really want to participate so I wouldn't want to put all of it together!
I guess we can just stick with our fabulous Italian dinner and some Karaoke. But I will definitly be keeping my eyes open for some Murder Mystery ideas!
Are you planning on doing anything special for your dinner rehearsal besides dinner, gift presentations, etc? What are some of your ideas you have?


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

My daughter has attended several murder mystery parties 'hosted' by this web site:

They provide you a lot of the info and details and you just decorate (if you want to) and then maybe get some props and tell your guests (if you want to) to dress as their character. They even provide costume suggestions for each guest. It's not super expensive (I think like $8 to 12 per person because they print out a lot of things for you).

Anyway, just an option to check out. I say keep it simple and it will still be fun and not stressful to organize. You can maybe ask your MOH and Best Man to help run it for you?

New Mexican Bride said...

I love the office, they are so crazy! I think it's a cute idea, after all, I love clue!