Thursday, November 5, 2009

FSIL 50's Housewife Shower Recap

A couple of ladies had shown interest in my FSIL's shower that was held this past Saturday. It was 50s housewife theme and although not everyone participated, most people did and some of them looked so cute! I was so busy chit-chattin' it up with some of the ladies and helping out I didn't get a ton of pix, but I will show you what I did get. One fun thing is most of the people there are invited to my wedding as well so a ton of people wanted to talk about my wedding and had so many great comments on our Save the Dates! I always love when people show interest in my wedding, probably why I love this whole blogging thing so much.

Did my future sis-in-law not look the CUTEST?
Everyone brought a 12x12 piece scrapbook page to put into a scrapbook.
It turned out SOO cute and she loved it.
The page I did was great, wish I would have taken a picture of it,
it was all just pix from her Bachelorette party in downtown L.A.

The desserts were plentiful... and they were sooooo yum-o!

Ok seriously, had to pause to tell you about these sandwiches.
In the small town of Claremont there is a place called "Wolfe's Market"
They have the BEST bakery and BEST sandwhiches
This below is the BEST BEST BEST Chicken Salad sandwich you ever will have.
That's all. The best.

The one bummer is she moved to Austin last year,
so in the shower invite they requested we send gifts to the house and just bring cards.
Of course that was no fun so a couple people brought a few small things.
I LOVED these cute retro dish gloves, I need to find out where her MOH got them!

This is my FMIL hugging my FSIL... little back story here:
A few months back, Mr. Mojito's house was broken into and they were completely wiped out. I'm talking computers, a couple big screens, all jewelery, silver, etc.
The silver they had was worth a lot of money and it was a whole trunk full.
FMIL had brought the trunk out (or they probaby never would have found it to steal) just to get out the cake serving set because she wanted to get it engraved. She took it out THAT DAY to get engraved for my FSIL. I felt so bad for my FMIL, the robbery really took a toll on her, but she was so happy that the only thing she had left of her silver was the cake cutting set she wanted to give to her daughter. *tear*

We only played one game at the wedding and that was "How well does FBIL know FSIL?"
My FBIL is a hilarious guy and the answers were so out there my poor FSIL hardly got any right, nobody even guessed that number in the pool on how many she would great right because we thought she would have done so much better. You can see below how confused and unsure she was.

And now for the one thing most care about... the decor.
They basically rented linens and tables and chairs. And bought different potted plants for the centerpieces, then made these cute little flowers out of cardstock (using a straw for stem) and put a pic of my FBIL and FSIL in each one, they were so cute!

And of course I will show you some more food just because it was SO good.

As a whole I had a really great time and it was a very successful party thrown by her bridal party, can't wait for the wedding in Austin in December, I will definitely share some pix from that day as well!

Posts will be light this weekend ladies, I will be in Arizona for the weekend with Mr. Mojito visiting some of our friends... have the Internet Inspiration post scheduled for Sunday morning though.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Mojito


Morgan said...

What a cute shower! And the story about the silver cake set is so sweet!

Stephanie said...

What a fun shower!! I just love the theme! The centerpieces are super fab! And omg about the story of the cake serving set! As if it wasn't a family heirloom before, it is now for sure! Have fun playing in Arizona!! :)

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

50's theme: adorable!
Outfits: so fab!
Decor: super fun!
Cake serving set story: totally tear jerker!

Thanks for sharing..what a great idea.

Jenn said...

Cute! That's so sad about your FMIL and the jerks who broke in :(
Can you give me more details on the bringing a scrapbook page to the shower?

Miss Mojito said...

Hey Jenn, I will be doing a post about some more minor details of the shower sometime this week, I'll dave it for then :)