Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Engagement Reactions

One thing I love it that not everyone gets, is pictures from my actual engagement. When Mr. Mojito proposed his dad was right there to pop out and start snappin' away. He is by no means a professional, but look at this guy who hired a photographer to capture their special moment. Does she not have the BEST reaction??

And since I shared that I might as well show you a few pictures from their great engagement shoot as well. Apparently this shoot was only done like twenty minutes from my house, I had NO idea. Didn't think they were done in So Cal but apparently they were. Such a vintage whimsical feel don't you think?

I just love seeing happy couples looking so in love with each other!

*All photography by Shannen Natasha {http://shannennatasha.blogspot.com/}


Crystal @ MyCarmelWedding said...

Those are so much fun. I love the props that they added to the e-pic shoot. The proposal was adorable!!

D. Marie said...

I love this couple! What an awesome idea to photograph the proposal...great reaction! Cute engagement shoot too!

Jen said...

Those proposal pictures are just too cute! I would have LOVED that for sure!
I think it's becoming semi-popular because I've seen it twice recently in just RI photographers...