Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dressin Up my Flip Flops

I was expecting that by the time I wrote this post I would have a great DIY project to show you... FAIL. Yes, I don't have anything yet. For a week now I have had these fabulous DIY items that I picked up at Michael's with a lot of 40 and 45% off coupons.

I picked up some of those clear stamps that stick to a block to make your own stamp kinda. I think it's great for stamping words! I had never used these before but let me tell you the break down:
  • Clear stamps of entire alphabet and numbers $8.00 (with discount)
  • Clear stamps with different designs $5.00 (with discount)
  • Clear blocks to stick stamps to in 2 different sizes $5.00 (with discount)
  • Ink pads in Fuchsia and Black on sale for $1.50 each - $3.00
  • 2-15 packs of blank tags at $1.99 each - $4.00
TOTAL: $25.00 (give or take... can't find the receipts)

Below you see what all this DIY goodness is for...

I got the basket at Home Goods on clearance for $4.99 and bought 15 pairs of flip flops at Michaels for $.75 each! Unfortunately they didn't have any lime colors (only like a Kelly green) so I just purchased them all in a white, tangerine, and fuchsia color. I will tie in the lime with the sign I make for the flip flops as well as the ribbon I will use for the basket/flip flops as well.

I'm planning to take off all of the packaging of the flip flops and putting them back together with some cute ribbon as well as a homemade tag (enter DIY project I keep putting off) The tags will have some different cute stamped designs in the fuschia then size "___" stamped on it as well.

I bought more tags then needed so that I could try a bunch of different styles and I've done three and haven't been overly thrilled with any. I also forgot to take pix before throwing them away, that's why you can't see how it's progressed. But rather I did take a picture of Dakota wanting to help...

Have you gone out and purchased a bunch of stuff for a DIY project that you were so excited about, only to come home and just be completely over it? Yeah, that's me.


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

What are your flip flops for? I have an upcoming post that is all about how I purchased 72 pairs of flip flops to put in buckets or baskets near the dance floor for the girls in high heels to take off their shoes and be able to dance in. They will also come in handy for those who want to walk the zoo path at our wedding as it is mostly dirt and unpaved...not fun to walk on in heels. :) Btw, I am staring at my DIY mustaches trying to get motivated to make about 20 of them.

New Mexican Bride said...

I am a totally DIY girl! I have bought so many things at the hobby stores as of late, I find myself feeling the way you do! I have been working on my DIY invites and what better excuse do you have to go to Micheal's or Hobby Lobby! I have been really bad about it too, because I am a card maker and scrapbooker so I always find more stuff I want. Oh and clear stamps work great, I have a whole binder full of them and they are very reasonably priced and so easy to store. I think the flip flop idea is so cute w/ the personalized tags.