Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cuff Stuff & Other Goodies

Confession: I'm bad a keeping surprises a secret.

Let me elaborate, when someone tells me to keep a surprise a surprise and a secret a secret I can handle it. But if I buy you something I probably won't wait until I'm supposed to -- for example, for Mr. Mojito and I's first anniversary I gave him his present almost two months early, I couldn't wait.

So when I bought Mr. Mojito this little gift that was going to be given to him some point closer to the wedding, he ended up with it the day after I got them. They were just sitting in their cute little blue box and I couldn't resist.

So that night I was in the shower thinking about them and when I got out I wrapped up in a towel and ran to him with the box, I'm like a child.

He loved them, and they go perfect with our little tropical theme! My intentions was to get them for our groomsman as well but he says he likes them and wants to be different from the groomsmen - fine.

But baaaaaaaaaabe, I really want to give them all that so then they will match the necklace that I want to give my bridesmaids:

I have the big starfish already and I think it would be a great necklace to have and wear in the future that would be useful for more then just the wedding but is it too big for a BM outfit?

Please ignore excited cry face. Thanks.
It was the one picture I remembered off of the top of my head that had the necklace because the day Mr. Mojito proposed was the first time I ever wore it. So as you can see it's a rather large starfish, I just love it! They also have it a lot smaller though:

What do you think would be a better size for the bridesmaids or do you think that's just too casual as a whole and I should look for something else?

But back to the cufflinks, here are four other styles I like but wouldn't be with the starfish theme:

Any personal opinions or favorites? No any great cuff link ideas? If I don't do these nice ones I would like to do some fun ones that are totally different, I've seen so many awesome ones I just know there are tons of great ideas out there!

What did you gift your bridesmaids and groomsmen? Another post will come telling you more about the rest of our Mojito Swag Bags we are doing for the wedding!


Heather said...

One of my friends, who is *tiny* (think 5', at absolute most 100 pounds) has the larger starfish necklace, and it's definitely not too big. I think it'll look great on your bridesmaids, and I'm worried that the smaller one would be too small. As for cuff links, of the ones you posted, I like the ones on the upper right the most. I'd be hesitant to get the ones with "T & CO" on them, just because not everyone likes wearing corporate logo stuff, even if it is from Tiffany's :)

Miss Pug said...

I completely agree... big ones aren't too big and would look so pretty. I think Mr Mojito has to suck it up and let them wear the starfish... it just goes! And I don't think any of the options would look good with the starfish that will be on the ladies... they're too harsh.


New Mexican Bride said...

I like the size starfish you are wearing the photo, I think it would be good with the strapless dresses. I like the second photo of cufflinks! I still haven't found any jewelry I like for my girls yet.

Sara said...

I don't think the necklace is too big. It's adorable! And I love the idea of getting the guys matching cufflinks. My husband wanted to be "different" than the groomsmen too, so I understand. However, no one's going to notice the cufflinks and that's not what's going to make him stand out. I say go for it! Get him something different that's going to make more of an impact.