Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cold Fingers

One of my favorite local photographers is Hazelnut Photography, if I hadn't have won my photographer she was who I was going to go with -- she did Miss Sprinkle's wedding as well as Mrs. Meatball's Boudoir shoot. I actually was referred to her by a personal friend who did 2nd shoots with her and I just instantly fell in love... she has some great style!

Today she posted about another LA wedding that was fabulous and I saw something that I had never seen before. I always get excited when I see ideas that haven't been over done yet and since I've been second guessing doing a sand ceremony (not sure why I'm second guessing it) maybe this would be a great touch... a ring warming.

You pass the ring around for everyone to hold and give you "well wishes". As long as your family doesn't have a history of having some shady kleptos you'd be in good shape, kidding. But I'm on a yacht, so they couldn't go far with my ring!

I think this would be a great opportunity to do this special touch during a reading that I want to have during the ceremony. Plus it gives me an excuse to have something that up until this point I haven't had an excuse to have.

Yes, that is the forever popular ring bowl by Paloma's Nest. I always adore those so much but since we aren't having a ring bearer I haven't had a reason to ever get one. Hello, perfect.

I just love when my family and friends get to be involved because I'm so excited to be sharing this special day with them and I think that would just be a special touch. My only thought is will people just be involved with checking out the bling rather then the ceremony?

Do you have any special touch you are putting in your ceremony that isn't a typical thing you see all the time?


Brittney said...

I went to a wedding a few weeks back where they passed the rings around for "prayers"... I don't know... I've never been to a wedding where they did this before, but I just felt like it was kind of show-offy... like, "Hey! Everyone look at my pretty ring!". It just made me uncomfortable.

Miss Pug said...

LOL... Kleptos... haha :)

Miss Mojito said...

Eh, yeah I understand the whole show-off perspective and I don't want to put it off that way. Thanks for the input, definitely something to think about!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

That's funny. I had heard about the ring warming and wondered how it would look in reality. Sounds funky to me and I didn't even think about the fact that it could come across as 'show-offy'. Good point actually. Perhaps just passing around the bands and not the engagement ring would help offset this. My fear was that I just simply don't want a ton of people touching my pretty ring!

Btw, I met with Jordana of Hazlenut and loved her. Great personality, great style and photos. But there were just a few things that bothered me which is why I opted another route.