Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Big Rehearsal

The rehearsal has honestly been the biggest issue so far for the wedding. Honestly, decisions have been made fairly easy and everything for the most part has gone as planned, minus my feelings that I had towards my original DJ.

This is my first dilemma, my venue schedules rehearsals on the yachts for Tuesdays and sometimes Wednesdays. Who has their rehearsals during the middle of the week? Definitely not the Mojitos. I just don't know how that could be possible... at least 75% of our wedding party will be coming in from out of town and I don't want to assume that our wedding party will be coming in for the whole week of our wedding.

I thought for shooting to request a Thursday night but my yacht does the "meet and greet vendor nite / tastings" on the third Thursday of every month. Of course the third Thursday of April lands on the Thursday before my wedding, so that idea is out. Plus Mr. Mojito wanted to do his all day bachelor extravaganza on Thursday rather then Friday incase he decides to drink a little too much, Miss Mojito is totally happy with this decision. Mr. Mojito is the king of hangovers.

This past weekend I was in Arizona with Mr. Mojito visiting some of our friends (who both happen to be a part of our bridal party). There was lots of wedding talk and I was telling BM-LC about my dilemma. She came up with an idea that I am kinda liking. How about we still do the rehearsal on Friday evening just not at our venue. Hmmm... as I begin marinating the idea further I see it being a total option. I can take my fabulous new wedding coordinator (which I haven't happened to blog about yet) to our venue so she can scope out the place and see exactly how the ceremony will be laid out. I can even take pictures if needed or draw a site map to explain to the bridal party, I mean it can't be this hard to get right? By my coordinator knowing what's in store for the wedding day she can set us up and run us through everything at a different location. Is this totally weird yet? I mean, I haven't ever heard of someone doing this before, but I also haven't heard of anyone having such issues trying to have a rehearsal at their location.

The place we were thinking about having our rehearsal dinner is actually right across the harbor on the water, if you look out the window you can see our yacht when it's parked at the yacht. Mr. Mojito and I went with Mama and Papa Mojito to the restaurant two Friday's ago for Mama Mojito's birthday and we loved it. The funnest part was we were able to watch some yacht weddings going on during our dinner.

It's Italian restaurant, Villa Nova, in Newport Beach...

Okay, their menu is huge and can be rather pricey, but we were going to make our own menu choosing the basics -- spaghetti, lasagna, etc. that people can choose from. They have a big banquet hall that I think is even spacey enough for us to do our possible rehearsal, if not I was thinking of just doing it at the beach before dinner! The food was absolutely sooo yummy and our service was probably the best I ever had.

Meet Rick, Mr. Awesome himself. That was our six foot nine waiter who was totally awesome. The funny thing is, is when I was finding some pix of the restaurant to show you for this post I saw this pic of him in Google images and got really excited, it actually was a part of this article. Just a couple of weeks before we had gone to Villa Nova he was featured in a the OC Register as the best waiter in Orange County, and clearly I agree.

Basically this is the restaurant we are definitely going to use for the rehearsal dinner... now it's just a matter of how we will rehearse. I'm sure it will all get figured out and will work out great, still worries me though! We will be requesting Rick to be our server that night though and he said he would be happy to, so Villa Nova better not screw it up! :) They also have live jazz music every night and I've heard they do Karaoke on Fridays and/or Saturday nights in the downstairs lounge, everyone knows I'm a sucker for some Karaoke so if that's true I definitely see that being a fun activity for the bridal party to do together before we head our separate ways to our hotel suites for the night. Not too much wine for Miss Mojito, I can't have a wedding day headache that could have been avoided.

Did I mention their homemade fresh chocolate souffle is to die for? It was seriously amazing! Our fabulous waiter brought us two after our meal on the house, as if he needed any more brownie points to sell us!

So this is my question for all of you newlywed readers. Is the rehearsal THAT helpful? Would you think it would be an issue for us to do it at a different location?


Katerina @ GirlWithARing said...

I was just about to blog about this! We found out that they do rehearsals only Weds/Thurs at the venue we want to book. Our wedding is on Sunday and NO ONE will be there that early, including us.

I think doing a rehearsal is important if the wedding is nontraditional or if many members in the wedding party haven't been bridesmaids/groomsmen before. Doing it at a different space doesn't seem a problem at all...but for us at least, we have no idea where that space would be (and how much it might cost).

Good luck figuring everything out!

Jenn said...

I think its a great idea! Better than having it during the week and expect ppl to come early!
I think its a good idea to have your wedding cor scope out the venue and then just practice maybe at a park or somewhere near the restaurant..