Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ArtsCow Review: 8x10 Canvas Prints

As some of you know I've said tons about ArtsCow here on my blog but it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago I actually ordered something from them. I actually had mentioned the special on my blog, 3 - 8x10 Canvas Prints for $5.99 (shipping included). I thought that was so cheap that would be a good test of their products and if I don't love it I only lost $6. Well let's just say, I loved them! I think they turned out so great!

I was so excited when I received them in the mail I headed to Ikea to purchase some frames. Mom wanted to come along and thought they turned out so cute she offered to purchase the frames at $5 a pop. Love how they turned out so much and they look great in the hallway at the top of our stairs next to a black mirror we have.

I know a good two or three of my readers have tried ArtsCow for prints and have had nothing but good things to say. Also, one of my personal friends purchased a photo book from the birth of her baby boy and was SOO thrilled with how the book turned out. There are seriously so many great deals with these people I will be going to ArtsCow for all of my printing needs. If you have anything that you need done -- I'm talking about anything they can probably do it, they print on some of the weirdest things.

If you want details let me know, if I refer you I get a bunch of free stuff and so do you! FYI, ArtsCow isn't giving me crap for saying all this great stuff about their cheap printing goodness.


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Yea Angels fans! Love the pics and the display...so great.

Miss Pug said...

GAHH I love them! That was so nice of your mom. They look great! Also, love the new blog look. It's great!

New Mexican Bride said...

How cool! Those are cute photos.