Sunday, November 29, 2009

Internet Inspirations: I'm Gonna Marry You Some Day

Name or Blogger Name: Kristy

Website: "I'm Gonna Marry You Some Day"

How long have you been blogging? I've been blogging for almost 2 years, but just started my wedding blog a few months ago

What inspired you to start blogging? I've always been a big fan of design blogs, Design*Sponge, Poppy Talk, Oh Joy!, etc. and I also work in advertising so there are a slew of blogs about my day job that i read regularly as well. Some of the work that the advertising community puts out is really creative and inspiring, but it's usually the work that Joe Public does not get to see. I used to send emails to my mom or my friends about cool campaigns or animated commercials but then started working from home and needed an outlet away from my work tasks to say something that I wanted to say, to be creative, and to collect my inspirations. So I started my blog, "Two if by See."

What did you originally blog about and how has that evolved? When i started TwoifbySee i thought it would be a bit of a catch all, interior design, photography, film, commercials, but it became pretty streamlined and anything crafty or interior design related just didnt seem to fit with my readership. I also use to showcase my own art work and photography but that stopped as well. When i started wedding planning i was dying for an outlet, and i knew blogging so well it made sensen - though i knew i would have to seperate my wedding world from TwoifbySee since it has sort of taken on an identity of its own at this point.

What different types of blogs do you stalk? Design Blogs, Wedding Blogs, Advertising Blogs, Film and Art Blogs, Fashion Blogs, and my guilty pleasure Perez Hilton

Three of your favorite blogs? Big time blogs - Creativity-Online, Design*Sponge, Style Me Pretty/A Practical Wedding. But then there are the blogs that i love because i feel like they are my equals and virtual companions - Postcards from Concrete, You Can't Take it With You, Buhdoop - i could go on and on!

How many blogs do you think you have in your feeder? I really have no idea! I don't use a feeder as much as i probably should. Since i pop around when i have free time from work i tend to look more organically, visit the dozen or so that i hit and know update daily as i remember them. Then i look for new updates from my followers and blog roll. I know it's all laid out in a neat little list for me but i guess i like something about being a little all over the place! If i had to guess how many i hit a day, I'd say maybe 30?

What impact has blogging had on you? i really love my blogs. I love having a soap box and a perspective on the world and i love when other people share in that perspectuive or get excited about the same things i do. I get upset when i have such a busy day i can't post, it's become something i need for balance in my day. Wedding blogging is love on a whole other level. I found a certain degree of satisfaction stalking some of the major blogs, drooling over bouquets and brides and DIY goodies, but being able to vent and to connect with other real women going through the same experiences that I am at the same time is something that is so much greater that having a diary or inspirational imagery alone. It really is a special sort of virtual comeradery. I would recommend starting a blog to any Bride to Be out there, it's priceless (see that commercial line i threw in there, sneaky huh?!)

Additional Blogging Rants: I think for all the wedding planning ladies out there it is important to stress that while blogs can be endless inspiration, full of advice and wonderful ideas, they can also stress you out. It's impossible to compare yourself to some of the gorgeous weddings on Martha Stewart Weddings and feel like you can compare without an impressive budget. It's good for inspiration but not necessisarily aspiration. You have to rememeber that your wedding is a wedding not a photoshoot and those weddings actually were both.

Thanks for being a part of this Kristy! Be sure to leave your award on your blog and send your readers on over to check out your post!

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Snowy Engagement

You know me, I love sharing some good proposal stories and engagement sessions! Last time I shared it was some great photos caught during a proposal. This one was done in Utah by Retrospect Studios and apparently they dressed up on a snowmobile and were snapping away the whole time... she had no idea and man did they get some GREAT pictures that they will get to enjoy for years and years!

Probably my fave!

That I would start off the first day of the Christmas season (even though ya'll know I started way before Thanksgiving) with a nice winter proposal/e-pic session! Happy Black Friday ya'll!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mr. Mojito's Bling Journey: Part 2

So in my last post I was able to give you a little idea of what Mr. Mojito's ring will be looking like. I can't WAIT to show you actual pix once I pick it up! Today I'm gonna confess my budget breakdown and what I was willing to spend and what I ended up spending on Mr. Mojito's ring.

Honestly, I had no idea what a ring for a man should cost. We spent about $250 I believe on Mr. Mojito's Tungsten ring, now I can truly see how cheap you can get them and it makes me sad... oh well, we were young and in love. Who am I kidding, it wasn't even two years ago and we didn't research AT ALL, we did it all on a whim, but I love my ring and I'm okay with it now (once they were paid off!).

I saved up $800 for Mr. Mojito's ring and didn't want to spend more then that, not knowing exactly what I was getting into since diamonds would be involved. Going in on Friday morning I said I would suck it up and go up to $1000 if necessary but that definately wasn't what I was hoping for.

The first places we went into I showed them what I was looking for and explained the exact look I wanted. I got quoted anywhere from $1100-1400 started and I wasn't too thrilled about this. The lowest I got anybody down to was $900. I was starting to get a little discouraged and was thinking I will just go with the $900 jeweler. Maybe he won't charge me tax if I pay cash, that would save me a good chunk of change too. Plus I loved this family, they were a sweet Jewish family that came to the US in the 70s and the mother was just amazing she was so sweet, she kept telling me "Be strong, be happy." Whatever that means, I just adored her. Thank God Mama Mojito told them we would talk about it and possibly be back because she could tell my love for friendly business people can sell me over in a heartbeat.

Next stop was Gold Empire Jewelry, the jeweler who designed and made my gorgeous engagement ring. Need a reminder?

I didn't think so but I just love it so much I wanted to share it again, especially to some of my new followers! I immediately met Johnny who was the guy Brad worked with. As soon as I walked in he saw my ring and said "MR. MOJITO!" (enter real name)... he knew who I was just based on my ring without saying anything else. He talked about how wonderful my fiance was to work with, yada yada and we got down to business. I showed him what I was looking for and he started me off at $900 (already happy he's starting at were the others were ending). We kept talking and he dropped it down to $800. Out of nowhere my mom went on about how I'm a poor college student and threw out $650, he looked at my mom and said how about $700. All I said was "But I'm sweet and poor, plus Mr. Mojito gave you some good business!" Fine, $650. It was seriously that easy, it didn't even take serious work. I was SO happy to be way under budget for what I was planning on spending! I couldn't be happier with what we picked out and I can't wait to see the finished project!

Is there anything you regret not researching enough? What have you done where lots of research has paid off?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble Gobble

I just wanted to wish all of my blogger friends & readers a fantastic Thanksgiving!

I love the holidays especially spending time with friends and family that I love!

Over at the Mojito household I will be spending all of Thanksgiving day with Mama Mojito. She is going to be teaching me EVERYTHING and giving me ALL of her recipes so that I can host my first thanksgiving as a wife next year. I've been feeling a little sick so maybe if I'm really sick I will put this off for another year! :)

Thanksgiving will be at my parents house as always and Mr. Mojito's family will be joining us as well which will be great to have our families celebrate together! Thanksgiving night we always end up at the movies as well, but not too late because there is always Black Friday to get up for! FMIL Mojito still wants to cook up a bird so we will actually be having a second dose of the holidays on Friday at Mr. Mojito's families house. It will be small and lovely and I will get to head over to one of my MOH's houses on Friday night where she is having a Girls Nite Fondue Party, I haven't had a chance to catch up with all of the girls in a long time so I hope to make it over there at some point as well. Friday will definately be a busy day between Black Friday, the Day after Thanksgiving, and the fondue party!

We have tons of decorations up as I have previously posted the only thing we are missing is our Christmas tree and I hope to have that up on Saturday sometime after the BIG game -- USC vs. UCLA! Go Bruins! I promise to have some pix up of the Mojito casa next week sometime.

But for now just be thankful for everything you have in your life. The people who are most important to you, a fabulous fiance or husband, your children, a roof over your head, so much we need to all be grateful for in our lives! I so often complain about the things I don't have but then I get easily awakened with how blessed I truly am.

Happy Thanksgiving & God Bless!

Mr. Mojito's Bling Journey: Part 1

As I posted last Friday morning I was headed with Mama Mojito to Downtown LA to visit the Jewelry District. This place is awesome and ever since the first time I went there I was in "Girls Best Friend Heaven"...

This picture is actually a view from a little cafe Mama Mojito and I ate at while my ring was getting checked and cleaned. That was the longest time I'd ever gone without wearing my ring and I felt so naked! We shared a delish pastrami sammy and a cup of clam chowder - it was yum-o.

So anyways, I had a few places that I had been referred to in the jewelry district as well as the place where Mr. Mojito purchased my ring. I decided to go there last. Before going there I went into three jewelry stores, so four stores total.

Before I get into the quotes I was receiving, etc. let me tell you a little bit about what Mr. Mojito wanted and what vision I had for his ring.

First off, Mr. Mojito and I both got promise rings together. The ring he got was a gorgeous simple Tungsten wedding band, something that most men use and Mr. Mojito has loved. But since that was a promise ring of course Mr. Mojito wanted an upgrade from that (as did I from my promise ring). Here is the ring Mr. Mojito is currently rocking:

We were so excited about getting the rings, we didn't do any research we should have done. We could have gotten the rings we wanted for next to nothing at the J.D. in L.A. but instead hit up Zales and got ripped a new one for this bad boy.

Mr. Mojito had two requests: White Gold & Diamonds

I clearly didn't want Mr. Mojito lookin' like Mr. T so I was determined to find something with very simple diamonds, masculine, and sexy.

This was the ring I chose:

Then in three of those squares there will be one little princess cut diamond, something similar to this but the diamonds are a LOT smaller and of course square rather then round:

I hope I can somewhat paint a picture in your head. I basically picked out a band and then the size of the diamonds I wanted and it's in the process of being made right now. They said I should have it within two weeks so I'm expecting by the first week in December I will be able to pick it up. I was thinking of trying to come up with a cute way to "propose" to him with it. We decided I wasn't going to surprise him with it on the wedding day so I want to come up with a cute way I can do it in December. Maybe I will give it to him on Christmas? Any ideas?

Up next: Why you never say yes at stop #1!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just testing doing a post from my new app Androblogger.

Playing Catch-up

I know I will be super busy after tomorrow for the remainder of the week so I spent some time putting together some posts that will be scheduled throughout the week. Now I don't have to leave my fabulous readers in the dust. I'm tight like that.

So you may be wondering why I was MIA from posts for a good five days or so, let's see.

Well I found out in the beginning of last week that I have been invited to be a blogger for Weddzilla! Of course I accepted -- and then got writers block. I had nothing to say, nothing to write. I just needed to do an introduction post and I thought I sucked hard at that even. I seriously couldn't get my usual witty and bubbly self to put together a damn introduction, but I did it, and it posted. You can see my introductory post here. Weddzilla has a fabulous group of girls from all different areas so I definately recomend you check the blog out and add it to your reader. They have some big up and coming things with their website as well, so stay tuned!

I'm not sure where my posts will go from here. There will be a LOT of posts here that I won't post on Weddzilla, and there might be a couple (once in a while) on there that you won't see here. So be sure to check back often so you can check out myself as well as some new bloggers you may not have seen in the wedding world before.

Other then that this consummed my weekend:

Mr. Mojito's parents got us Droids for Christmas. Mr. Mojito's BlackBerry said hasta luego to him a few weeks back and he was suffering with a tempermental phone. We actually went to the Verizon store with big plans for new BlackBerry's only to be sucked into playing with a Droid and well... falling in love.

I've had plenty of play time with iPhones and BlackBerry's, all in which I've loved. I wanted an iPhone for the longest time but refused to not only leave Verizon, but even worse to join the AT&T clan. Bleh. So when this phone was supposedly going to give iPhone a run for it's money I wasn't sure what to think. My opinion now? It is. This phone is the 'ish. We had to charge it constantly all weekend because the battery couldn't last the entire day with us running apps and playing on Facebook ALL day.

It truly was pathetic, a typical exciting day of college football was interupted with all of our faces stuck in this damn phone. I know a couple readers had discussed the possibility of the Droid -- do it, it's that awesome.

So between the phone, my Weddzilla induced writer's block, and Mr. Mojito being sick (did I mention that one too?) it's just been quite crazy. Luckily enough today was slow at work and I was able to really just start slamming out a few posts I had wanted to write.

What are some things that have kept you from blogging? I know we all go through these phases.

Engagement Reactions

One thing I love it that not everyone gets, is pictures from my actual engagement. When Mr. Mojito proposed his dad was right there to pop out and start snappin' away. He is by no means a professional, but look at this guy who hired a photographer to capture their special moment. Does she not have the BEST reaction??

And since I shared that I might as well show you a few pictures from their great engagement shoot as well. Apparently this shoot was only done like twenty minutes from my house, I had NO idea. Didn't think they were done in So Cal but apparently they were. Such a vintage whimsical feel don't you think?

I just love seeing happy couples looking so in love with each other!

*All photography by Shannen Natasha {}

Black Friday Madness

Okay, who is into Black Friday like I am?

Yes, that's me at 5:00 am on the dot at Target, my first stop every Friday after Thanksgiving. I wake up at 3:00 am, hope I remembered to set up the coffee the night before, and head out into the darkness in hopes I'm at least the 100th person in line at Target.

But seriously... Black Friday is just a huge deal that they make seem to be a better deal then some things really are. Making you think you can come and get your Christmas shopping done with a million other people, only to find out at the end of the day you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars for noone but yourself. At least that's the case for me. I convince myself what a great way to save money and buy gifts for my loved ones. Well if by loved ones I mean me. Because when I get home and look at all of my $3 DVDs, $5 hand mixers, $20 Wii games, $30 digital frames, etc... I realize it's just about ALL for me.

I already know it's just going to be the same this year, I got my eye on the prize -- a 32 inch flat screen TV for $245 bucks. Mr. Mojito and I have a beast in our bedroom right now and this would be great to put on the wall. Once again, another thing we don't NEED. Nor do I need the $10 Office DVDs for the seasons I don't have yet, or the $10 Wii game because it's only $10 when I know damn well I have no interest and won't even play it. Can we discuss the toasters, coffee makers, etc. for only $2?! They loose out on money for rediculous things like those because they know you aren't going to wait inline all night for a $2 toaster, you will definately be making more purchases.

One thing I do need this year that is something we ACTUALLY need? Our fake Christmas tree.

So what about you? Are you one of the crazies or do you sleep off a tummy full of Turkey on the infamous Black Friday?

Honeymoon Prep

I know, I know. I've been a horrible blogger. Just was in the midst of having some writer's block the past week, but I've put together some posts and have some big plans for the blog... okay not really, but I will be updating you on some of my wedding plans as of late.

So there have been two new additions to the Mojito household as of late:

The Eliptical

The Arrowhead Bottle

In a little nook downstairs at our house we have removed what used to be our "office" which now is part of the guest bedroom and replaced it with this not-so-decor friendly eliptical and arrowhead bottle.

Let's face it, when I leave the house at 7:00 am and don't get home until at least 7:00 or 8:00 pm, the LAST thing I want to do is go to the gym. But in all reality I need to get my ass to the gym. At the moment my dress will fit, but I want more then anything to take it down a couple more dress sizes by the big day. I've lost a steady small amount of weight lately but nothing that was going to make dramatic changes. Mr. Mojito and I have started a diet plan together (he's so supportive and doing awesome!) and by moving the eliptical over from my parents house it gives us the chance to still watch our Tivo time, spend some time together, and switch off working out during all of this. Since my gym membership is only $8 a month I don't feel like I can justify cancelling it, it's only $8 and I will never see that rate again if I quit and try to join back up, but at the moment I just don't have the time with work and school. I just want to be happy with how I look not only for the wedding day but also for the Honeymoon!

Next is that awesome Arrowhead bottle, in the pictures shown you might see a lot of copper but I swear there are some quarters in there! We started dropping our spare change in there and even when friends or family come over they empty their pockets for us as well. This clearly isn't a plan to pay for our wedding but we want to use that money for a nice massage or dinner on our Honeymoon cruise, it's that random money that we NEVER miss or even realize is gone. Before I dumped a jar in the bottle when I got it I had at least $20 so I would say we might be close to $30 or $40.

Have you and your fiance made any changes in your lifestyles to help prepare for the big day or honeymoon? What are some ways you are trying to look your best and save some moo-lah?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Vote for Me!

Send some comment love here to vote for me as well as some of your other favorite wedding bloggers!

Vote for Me!

Send some comment love here to vote for me as well as some of your other favorite wedding bloggers! If you would like me to vote for your blog let me know as well! :) I plan on putting together a list to vote for!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Internet Inspirations: Buhdoop

Name or Blogger Name: The blog name is Buhdoop, it’s something my fiancĂ© and I made up and say all the time. When we were thinking of a blogging name he said “how about buhdoop?” I was like “brilliant.”

Website: (we were anxious to see if the name had been taken….nope, yay!)

How long have you been blogging? Not too long, only a little over a month. I got addicted as soon as I started. My fiancé gives me good insight on what to write about and I do all the writing.

What inspired you to start blogging? The craziness about wedding planning! I did not know it was such a stressful process. We originally wanted to elope, but decided to have a small wedding. That is when I found out that wedding planning has a lot of issues like: the money involved, the pressure, the etiquette, the unwritten rules, the silliness, after awhile I was just burning up about some things and had to get it out. I just needed a place to vent. I was inspired by blogs like A Practical Wedding so one weekend we just did the darn thing.

What did you originally blog about and how has that evolved: I originally started blogging about weddings and it hasn’t changed much since then. Occasionally I’ll add some random post into the mix, like the zombie cupcakes or toilet bowl cleaning. The great thing about blogging is that I have actually found some pretty cool things about wedding planning such as the blogging community. It’s great to have all of these people around to share information with. It is also good to know that other people are going through this with you.

What different types of blogs do you stalk? I am such a blog stalker! I usually try to leave a comment though. There are so many great blogs out there. I love a good wedding blog. Recently I have gotten into photography blogs (I am getting the itch to buy a camera and test out my skills). I have also started to stalk do-it-yourself/design blogs. Those people are so crafty. I was afraid of diy stuff, but I am slowly getting my confidence.

Three of your favorite blogs: This is so hard to do. I love so many and I have a few great ones on my blogroll (please go check them out). I’ll try to name a blog from the three types that I stalk.

From wedding blogs it has to be A Practical Wedding. This blog was instrumental in helping me keep my sanity! I love the information that she has on it and her take on things is always fun to read. She has recently gotten married, so it looks like her blog is morphing into a hybrid of wedding/newlywed information. It’s fun seeing her transition.

From Photography blogs it will probably be Rockstar Diaries. Rockstar Diaries is a blog about a married couple. Her blog is so darn happy. Whenever I need a dose of happy I hop on over there. She updates it a lot too, usually a few times a day, and it is always so upbeat.

I have just started looking at design/diy blogs. I would have to say Yellow Goat Design and all things beautiful is high on the list. She has an etsy shop as well which she features on her blog. I have spent my last few visits reading her back posts. I want to check out her artist interviews next.

How many blogs do you think you have in your feeder? I am following 28 right now. I can see that number going way up though since I have been blogging for less than two months!

What impact has blogging had on you? Such a big impact. Blogging has been amazing and addictive. I never even read a blog before August, now it is a daily activity. We are creating our wedding website now, and we are going to turn it into a blog so our families can stay updated on our lives and the planning process. It will also be an outlet for my soon to be photography obsession!

Additional Blogging Rants: I would just like to take this time to thank you Miss Mojito for this feature! I would also like to thank Stacy from “You Can’t Take It with You” for recommending me. Her site is great and her engagement photos are inspiring us to do a diy engagement shoot. Other than that, we are just happy that our little buhdoop blog has been found on the internet.

Thanks so much for taking part in the Internet Inspiration's Blog of the Week, Buhdoop! You've been such a sweet heart and it was great chatting with you! Don't forget to blog about your award and send people over to check out your interview!

Feel that you are inspirational or know someone who is? Let me know, you could be one of my next featured bloggers!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Boy Bling

I'm getting ready to head to downtown LA with Mama Mojito and head down to the Jewelry District... gonna hit up lots of jewelry stores (there are hundreds it seems!) and hopefully find the best ring for Mr. Mojito. We know what he wants and I know what I'm looking for so hopefully I will be able to find exactly what I want for a good price! Wish me luck and I'll update you all when I get back.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vino Nuptuals

One of my close friends from high school got married this past summer at a local winery called "Wilson Creek Winery" in Temecula, CA. I was really excited when I found out her and the mister were going to be holding their nuptuals there because Mr. Mojito's family is members there so I've become a big fan of their wine and what they are known for - Almond Champagne! They carry it at BevMo and at a lot of grocery stores (at least in California) so try it if you ever see it!

Her wedding was so pretty, it seriously doesn't take much decorating for an ourdoor ceremony when you are surrounded by rolling hills covered in vineyards! It was beautiful (and hot)!

Here are a few photos I took from the big day, enjoy!

The ceremony location

They did a wine ceremony which was perfect - they said it actually tasted so good!

Enjoying me some cocktail hour! Wine, cheese, fruit & passed apps! Yum!

The fab 4 from high school, AKA my three besties, AKA my two MOHs and BM

The beautiful bride!

Dutch themed candy/cook bar. It was all dutch candies and cookies in old Dutch jars and plates... it was to dedicate the family that flew in all the way from Holland.

The ribbon fell off of the toss bouquet and three lucky girls are next now! :)

More Dutch love!

Where's Miss Mojito?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shake Your Pom-Pom

Okay, I loved these things over and over again. Told myself I didn't need them over and over again, but after seeing this special touch in soo many ceremonys I think this is a VERY inexpensive DIY project that will add a burst of color (as if I NEED more color) in the ceremony.

I'm making the tissue poms.

I'm using the short and sweet directions of the fabulous Martha Stewart for this one, but we all know we can't live up to Martha's standards so I will be sure to share my version of the DIY process.

I wanted to do the poms for every other aisle on the ceremony. We are using chairs like the ones above in the ceremony so it will be easy for them to just hang off the end of the aisle. I called my wedding lady at my venue today to ask how many people are to a row so that I could do the math to see how many I would need. She said there is seven on the left and eight on the right (because of a side set of stairs that cuts off one side short) making it 17 per row. I did a little math and I figured if I do one on each side every other row then I would need 10 or 12 poms based on if I had 170-200 people... gosh I hope I did that math right! Haha.

I'm making the poms like the picture ABOVE not like the ones BELOW. Although I lovvvve the ones below I think a little bit more that I hear takes a LOT more tissue paper and time so I am going for the Martha ones. What's your opinion? Do you think I'll be okay with my cop-out decision?

I will leave you with a few of the pictures that inspired me to want to have this in my ceremony:

I also found this seller on Etsy, Prost to the Host, and I could get all of the Poms needed in the colors I want for about $35. Am I a total DIY failure if I even contract out this simple project? I feel like I must try to impress my readers haha... definately a back-up! She has the perfect tissue colors I would want too!

I will be dragging Mr. Mojito with me tonight to hunt down the perfect tissue paper, not sure where to go yet for that. And I will begin to work on this project and get back to you as I begin to finish... or quit. We all know I'm not that great at the DIY projects!

Get Crunk With It!

Sorry, loved that this was just my word verification as I was leaving a comment on someone's blog...I'm more mature then this, I swear.

In honor of our negative five month anniversary...

...I have booked our flights to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!

Since I don't think I have told this story I will tell it now, and if I have (since I'm too lazy to go back and check) then you can just ignore the majority of this post.

If you have been my follower for some time now it's no big secret that Mr. Mojito and I are pretty huge Angel fans. One evening, earlier this summer, we were sitting in front of the tv watching another Angel Victory when they advertised this little diddy...

"In honor of the Angels 365th hit this season we have partnered up with Jet Blue
to offer the first 365 biggest Angel fans a free roundtrip ticket to anywhere
Jet Blue flies! You must come decked out head to toe in Angel gear with
some Children's books to donate at noon."

Instantly Mr. Mojito and I hop on the Angel's website to check out the promotion to find out more of the details. We wanted to make sure that the voucher would be good until after our Honeymoon, that they flew to Ft. Lauderdale, and that there weren't any more restrictions. Awesome, the voucher is good until May 10th, 2010 (we get home from our Honeymoon May 3!) and they do fly to Ft. Lauderdale!

So Mr. Mojito and I called in sick to work, picked up some breakfast burritos, put on some Angel threads, and headed over to the ball park at 7:30 am. We were 77th and 78th in line! We got a wrist band, and at noon we had two vouchers to get our free airfare tix!

So we kept trying to go on Jet Blue to buy our tix but they were only selling through December, then January, then March, now September! So last night I called Jet Blue to claim our vouchers and seriously every single person I talked to was awesome, they were the nicest people. I found it funny that the automated message that transfered me to a real person said "A live and friendly operator in Salt Lake City, Utah will be with you in just a moment" -- guess they want you to know they are giving jobs to the Americans instead of sending our calls to another country (don't even get me started on an experience I had over the phone with Travelocity in another country!!). The people I talked to were seriously awesome and so nice -- especially when they found out it was for our Honeymoon. Another thing I love -- we don't have to pay for baggage!

So it's official, the trip is booked, the plane is booked. Now we just have to arrange our transportation to and from airports, hotels, and cruise ships!

I'm writing this post...

...way to quickly! Did I not just say six months to go? Mr. Mojito and I are officially at the five month mark, I can't believe it!

Some things I want to accomplish in the next month is to:
  • Meet up with my coordinator.
  • Plan a night together with my MOH's, grab some bottles of wine, and assemble my invites.
  • Finish my gathering of floral inspiration to meet with florist in January.
  • Go to Men's Warehouse to put in all of our pix and try on our choices to finalize everything.
  • Let the boys know what they will be ordering for the wedding.
  • Go through music list draft with Mr. Mojito.
Nothing too important that HAS to be done in the next month, but I think it's some basic stuff that would be nice to get out of the way. The one thing I want to get done before Christmas for sure is assembling the wedding invites, because starting mid-December I will be very busy until mid-January and we are sending them out at the end of January. Plus, if I get this job I want who knows how crazy my schedule could get!

I'm that much closer to being Mrs. Mojito and I can hardly stand it!