Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trashy or Sexy? - Part 1 of 3

As I mentioned this past weekend I won a photo session of my choice. The two sessions I've been trying to choose between is Trash the Dress and a Boudoir session. There are tons of pros and cons for both so maybe talkin' it out over the next couple of posts along with your feedback could possibly help me out.

Let's start this post talking about the Trash the Dress. Before we get into it, why don't we check out some fabulous pictures that make me want to do a Trash the Dress session.

I am spending a lot of money on my dress -- so much that I don't even see myself keeping, I had plans to sell it on Weddingbee after the wedding. Clearly as much as I LOVE the paint one, I couldn't imagine doing that. Plus my dress is so big, how could I ever manage those things! So I thought I could still do it like the last two pictures. Just some fun out of left field bridal shots. Or I thought I could find a cheap dress online (I'm talkin $100 max) and just have at it and totally trash the thing. I at least would love to do a beach shoot with all of the sand and water... but that would be no point in the hair and make-up.

I just love this idea so much, but is it a good use of the hair, makeup, and free shoot? That's why I'm leading much more to option number 2... the boudoir shoot.


Katie said...

Loveee trash the dress shoots! I have my mother's wedding dress, and it fits me relatively well. She was about to throw it out a few years ago, and I told her to put it back in the closet because I might want to use it for a trash the dress session at the beach! You should totally do it!

Neil Harrell said...

Perhaps, but it’s what most guys do. If the girl is going to give it away for nothing, then what’s to stop the guy from “throwing her away” afterward? The answer, is nothing. “Why would he want to buy the cow when he gets the milk for free?” Well it’s still true. However, that’s not what girls care about right?

ohana photographers said...

do both!! :D