Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stupid Yacht Show!

That is a beautiful picture of this past year's yacht show in Newport harbor. Ooo, a yacht show! Sounds fabulous right? Wrong. Not if you are getting married the same weekend of the yacht show.

When my date was booked in February this was something I never even thought about as being an issue. Well, there is a large community of girls that talk on a forum on the website and we are all girls getting married on one of Electra Cruises' yachts. After my date was finally booked a bride asked if I knew when the yacht show was going to be. I instantly started googling the hell out of stuff and saw that the past two year's it's been the same weekend as my wedding is going to be.

I instantly started thinking of all of the bad things that could go wrong -- millions of people, trouble parking, the marina being packed with boats all checking out the yacht show. I just kept thinking of every possible negative thing I could think of.

I started calling around to the yacht companies asking about dates and some even laughed at me for wanting to know well over a year when a yacht show was going to be. They clearly hadn't thought that far ahead since they hadn't even finished the 2009 show first. I also then called my coordinator over at Electra. She of course told me I had nothing to worry about and they have never had any issues. Mama Mojito and Mr. Mojito assure me everything will be a-okay. I'm still annoyed.

Well last week I randomly decided to check the website again and the dates were posted... it's the week of my wedding. *tear* Freakin' sucks, I called my coordinator again and she kept reassuring me that everything will work out fine, there will be signs directing people and everything will work out fine. So I made sure to add to my wedding website to allow extra time to find parking, etc. because of the yacht show. I don't want to be waiting for people and once the yacht leaves the dock you are outta luck if you aren't on the yacht.

My mom says that we are in a resession so there can't possibly be that many people out there looking for these yachts that cost a fortune. But then again I say it's Orange County, and these people don't always know what a recession is. Brad says he thinks it will be cool with all of the different yachts around... I guess my biggest thing is just the crowds.

Ah well, I guess I've vented enough. Have you had an unexpected even happen during your wedding process that has kinda put a damper on things?


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

HA! So true. You sound so much like me. Actually, the reason I shot down my honey's desire to get married on the same cruise you are is first because I love my venue so much more but second because I didn't want to have to wait for late guests - which always happens at a wedding. You are smart to add it to the site to let the guests know but I would spread the word your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, holidays this year. Just tell anyone and everyone. You are right in that OC does not know the meaning of the word recession. It will be packed..not just with buyers but browsers. Everyone loves to see that yacht show. But your FH is right, will be kinda cool to have the yachts out there while you guys are cruising :) Always look at the positive side. It will all work out. Just think of all the people on the yachts who will be honking their boat horns and cheering you on!

Jenn said...

Gotta this positive! The more the merrier.. maybe consider hiring valet if your worried about the parking so your guests don't have any troubles :)

cupcake wedding said...

I am an eternal pessimist, so I get your concern. However, think of the bright side, your guests will have something to do while in town and not at your wedding.