Friday, October 30, 2009

Spooky Shower

I'm so excited, my FSIL got into town last nite from Texas. She just moved there a year ago so clearly the majority of her friends and family still live here in Southern California. As I've mentioned before, she's getting married December 12, so her Bridal Shower is tomorrow afternoon. It's not a Halloween theme (black and orange) or anything scary like that... but it is a dress up theme!

50's housewives is the theme, I've slacked big time and not gone out to get my goods yet but I'm going to hit up some thrift stores after work today to try and find some old vintage apron. Then I'll throw together an outfit (have no clue what) and do my hair all pinned up in hot roller curls. All I know is FSIL's MOH is SO creative, and just by the looks of her homemade invites (she is a Paper Source girl!) I'm sure it will be so cute tomorrow. I will be sure take lots of pix to send your way and recap it sometime soon, just incase you get any ideas for yourself in the future!

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Stephanie said...

what a cute theme!! can't wait to see pictures! have fun, you'll be such a hot 50's wife ;)