Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Question: David's Bridal BM Dresses

So we ordered four of the six bridesmaid dresses on September 30. Got a call on Friday they were already in, holy cow. Two weeks?? Really!? They told us end of November'ish. Wow that was fast. I'm going to go pick them up for the ladies sometime this week and pass them around as I see my ladies.

Now here is my question...

Have any of you ladies purchased your bridesmaid dresses from David's Bridal? My mom brought up an interesting question, and I do know this can be a problem so it has somewhat concerned me. When your ladies ordered the dresses at different stores and times did you notice that the dyes were differently on the dresses and weren't all matching?

I'm honestly not worried about it and don't think they would ever be anything different enough for me to care but I was just curious. Actually, now that I'm writing this post I think I'm being a total lame-ass and think I will just stop. But really, did you see any differences in the dress? Haha :)



Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

It's not going to be anything too noticeable enough for you to care.

Miss Pug said...

I keep hearing that DB is one of the BEST at always having perfectly matched fabrics no matter where you order from, I think I heard it was because they all came from the same place or something. Anyways, I didn't order from them so I'm not 100% sure but just relaying what I heardddddd darling!

Stephanie said...

My girls ordered from the same store, but our groomsmen ordered in VA and IN from MWTux - they tied and everything looked exactly the same. I don't know how MW Tux compares to dresses from DB! I wouldn't worry about it like Ashley said it won't be noticable. And seriously after going through the wedding, it will be the last thing on your mind the day of - even if its a semi big deal now!

Also, all of our dresses including my gown came in SUPER fast from DB. It was crazy!

Aubrey said...

We're doing our dresses through David's Bridal, and what I learned when we ordered my sister's dress is that all the dresses are cut, dyed and stitched at the same place. Then they're shipped to the individual stores so your dresses should match.