Sunday, October 11, 2009

NWR: Go Angels!

As you know from our engagement pictures...

...we are huge Angel fans.

This year was better then any year because it was also our first year purchasing season tickets, so from April to present this has been a huge part of our life.

Well now, they are heading to the American League Championship. For those that don't care? That means they win four out of the next seven games they are going to the World Series!

We have tix for game five of this years and will be purchasing World Series tix this Tuesday hoping they will be making it that far! I can't wait to experience this with my future hubs, this is his first playoff experience!

Go Halos!


Llama said...

Hey girl! Loveee your blog MINUS the ANGELS, as i am a hugge Yankees fan! HEHE! You are too cute! looking forward to reading more!

Doug and Marissa said...

How exciting!!!! When Doug is done with the military and back here we want to look into Season Tix to the them!! I will keep my fingers crossed they make it!