Monday, October 19, 2009

I've been blogged.

Why do I feel famous when I'm blogged? I'm such a lame ass, but whatever. As long as I feel cool.

My designer Leslie from Slieberry Designs posted my invites today, I love just staring at them -- but even more so when I see them in person on that fabulous opalescent paper. Swoooonnnn...

I know a lot of my fellow bloggers have been struggling with the thought if you want to DIY or find invites... this is the way togo. Totally contact Leslie and see what she can do for you, I know for a fact she can work with ANYONES budget and just send her some of your favorite invites you've seen and she will be able to impress you times ten. I remember recieving five different invites that she designed and not knowing how I would ever be able to decide which one to choose.

Leslie @ slieberrty [at] gmail [dot] com. She won't disappoint.

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Chocolate Lover said...

Love the colors on your invitations!