Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Entertainment Change of Heart [Part 3 of 3]


Mama Mojito: Sorry, had to talk to your dad real quick.

Miss Mojito: That couldn't wait until I was done sobbing about having a crummy DJ?

Mama Mojito: No, I just had to make sure with your father that we we were going to tell you we got Eric or if it was supposed to be a surprise.

Miss Mojito: Wait, WHAT?! *Enter obnoxious bride scream here*

If you were confused by that whole phone conversation please go back and read part one and part two. Okay feel caught up now? Let's continue...

Coincidentally my mom and dad happened to book him just the day before. Apparently the previous Saturday they were at Casino Night for my dads work and he was just so awesome at what he does my mom insisted that he was at our wedding. She had heard my concerns about the DJ but I hadn't said something to her in so long about the situation because I had pretty much just accepted it. But clearly I didn't since I never turned in the contract to DJ Pirate Pete.

I was and still am so ecstatic, to me the most exciting part of this special day was dancing and partying with all of my closest friends and family... I wanted people to have a great time, and I know 100% that Eric can do that, I seriously can't talk any more about this guy!

To end this whole saga I sent DJ P.P. an email and informed him of the situation... let's just say he never responded. But my coordinator over at Electra Cruises said she would call and confirm with him so I don't have to deal with this anymore. I feel bad with the way I acted, and shouldn't have dragged this along the whole time. But something was just telling me differently, I mean that's the only reason I would have ever held onto a contract for so long.

Did you ever act a certain way in the wedding process that wasn't typically in your nature? What about having those doubts with your vendors? I want to hear your story!


A. Marigold said...

Yay happy ending!!

Miss Pug said...

YAY I'm so glad it worked out for you.... what a great surprise!

Katie said...

Happy happy day! I love when things work out so well!