Monday, October 19, 2009

An Entertainment Change of Heart [Part 2 of 3]

Okay, so I left telling you last time about how I didn't get the DJ I wanted and instead ended up heading over to meet DJ Pete.

DJ Pete was a nice fellow. Early sixties, and seemed hip... or was a good actor. We kinda got a weird vibe from him but he was really nice and we didn't felt like we had many options. He built himself up good enough for us to say let's do it, he penciled us in his little planner and said he would email me the contract the next day.

Sure enough that next morning I had an email from Pirate Pete, err DJ Pete, and it was the contract along with some other information he wanted to send us. I guess I should have mentioned he had one ear pierced with a big 'ol hoop? Yup, DJ Pirate Pete it is.

I printed out the contract and it sat on the couch for Mr. Mojito to look over as well, we both signed it and we both looked at eachother with disappointment. I never rushed to the fax the next day like I normally would, it sat... and it sat... and it sat.

Fast forward two months later - contract still sitting in the "wedding pile" by the couch. DJ Pete never emailed me or called me about it... which also makes me think he clearly didn't have anyone begging for him on April 17th. Mr. M and I had talked about the DJ on many occasions, wishing how we could have someone better and how we were worried he was just going to add too much of the cheezy factor into our wedding day that we didn't want. I mean we were scared of getting this guy...

But we just were gonna go with it and I just realized I was going to have to just tell him what we DO and DON'T want and EXACTLY every song we wanted him to play and when. We just knew this wouldn't be the guy to get everyone out on the dance floor to have a good time and keep them out there. Unfortunately, we never budgeted for a DJ because we knew one came with our package on the yacht. So we knew finding a great new DJ was out, and especially finding a great band would be out as well. Mr. Mojito and I saw a band at a wedding a few months ago and they were FANTASTIC, everyone had the best time out on the dance floor with them. So if you are a reader in Minnesota let me know and I will get their information for you, they were that good. I knew if I could get my own DJ though it would be the easiest decision in the world. Eric from The Gig Entertainment. They do all of the company parties and events for my old job as well as my fathers and they are the BEST DJ I've ever seen, everyone who works for this company uses them for their events and weddings as well, he's that good.

A few weeks ago I was on Facebook and saw that a friend from high school, who also worked at my old job, had The Gig Entertainment at her wedding. I was so jealous and called my mom just to tell her how bad I wish we could afford to have Eric be our DJ at the wedding. She kinda interupted me and told me she would call me right back.

Now you gotta stay tuned for part three!

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