Friday, October 16, 2009

An Entertainment Change of Heart [Part 1 of 3]

:: Sighhhhhhhh ::

I didn't want this to be me on my wedding day. Neither did Mr. Mojito. Good news is, I don't think it will be (as if it ever would have been, I might be acting a little dramatic). Last week there was a sigh of relief though and let me tell you why.

First of all, let's back up a couple of months... when Mr. Mojito and I went to the "Vendor Meet & Greet Nite" at our venue. Once a month they have all of the vendors that they have on their vendor list at the yacht and they also serve dinner so you can taste all of their different foods. Honestly, it was a blast! We got to spend the evening on the yacht, talk to a bunch of vendors, and have some yummy food. We weren't too stressed out about the event knowing there was only one vendor we needed (I don't know if you remember but there is a lot of vendors that are included with our package). We didn't use their "Captain" to marry us because we were using our pastor, we didn't need their photographer since we won one, we already picked out our cake since they only have one cake vendor to choose from (who we loved!), and the florist who we chose and book ahead of time for obvious reasons (she is fabulous and willing to work with our budget!)... so that just left us with the DJ.

On their list of DJ vendors there was about ten, I did a little research about the DJs before the vendor meet so I could have a bit of an idea before we went on who I wanted. DJ Von was the man apparently, nobody had one thing to say about him and it seemed like 90% of the brides book him with Electra Cruises. Perfect, we want him.

Miss M: Hi Von, it's a pleasure to meet you. We've heard so many fabulous things about you and would love to have you at our wedding!

DJ Von: Wow that's fantastic, when is your wedding?

Mr M: April 17, 2010

DJ Von: Oh gosh, I'm so sorry... I'm DJing a friends daughters wedding that night!

Miss M: *enter pouty face* Oh okay, such a bummer thanks anyway... *stomps away*

DJ Von: Wait... just wanted to send you the way of DJ Pete, he's great!

Mr M: Oh okay thanks.

So we mosey our way on over to DJ Pete's booth...

Stay tuned, part two coming tomorrow!

Where there any vendors you were dying to have but just weren't available for your wedding day?

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Crystal said...

Bummer! We've been fortunate enough that each of our first choice vendors has been available on our date. (knock on wood) I hope DJ Pete is just as awesome!