Saturday, October 24, 2009

DEAL ALERT: The Knot Shop

Wasn't on my email at all yesterday and boy did it pile up, as I'm weeding through it while watching the Oregon / Washington game I came across a great deal from the Knot!!

Go to:
Find something you've been wanting.
Enter this code: BRIDECASH

It's for $10 off any $10+ purchase! Those are always my favorite when there isn't a minimum. I'm using this opportunity to get my Cocktail napkins we've been wanting, they will only be $10 now for $100!

I am going to do the fuchsia napkins with white ink. They will say "The Perfect Pair" have a pair of flip flops, and then our names and/or wedding date underneath! I've always loved the "Eat, Drink, and be Married" theme but I figure this flip flop thing goes with our whole tropical feel we are having on the yacht.

Find some small little item you've been wanting and use this great opportunity!

*UPDATE* Just went to pay for my napkins, be advised S&H is a little pricey, it's basically like getting Free Shipping because shipping was $11!

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