Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Color Me Mine

Miss Parfait had a post this morning from some inspiration boards she found on Snippet and Ink. Everyone loves that website and goes on there all the time. I could invest an hour+ into that website and not find anything that goes with my wedding scheme... oh well. That's why I adore when other people post it so I can find their finds!

Although Miss Parfait's colors are pink, orange, and yellow I can still get plenty ideas by just replacing my lime with the yellow. That's why I loved this one inspirational board she posted...

Where shall I start? How about that second picture... those darn Christian Louboutin's that are haunting my life! I've always adored the idea of paper lanterns but with my yacht the ceilings are somewhat low and that just wouldn't work out at all I'm pretty sure. I haven't even asked if I would be able to even do that if I wanted, but I will pass on that extra expence. Next one I love is the third picture in the second row. I actually saw that in "Elegant Bride" (moment of silence, I loved that magazine and was so sad to hear that it's ending this past week!) in the last issue and instantly ripped it out and new that would be my bridesmaid or MOH bouquets minus the yellow. Lastly the first picture in the third row... that awesome crinoline! The first time I ever saw that was when Mrs. Crab Cake posted about dying her own crinoline. I knew I had to have it! So I will be doing one of two things... 1) just dying a crinoline (I have a stackable so Mrs C.C. actually offered to do it for me!) or 2) the place I'm buying my dress from said they have tons of fuschia tool that they would send me free with my dress and I could have it sewn in with the alterations.

Here is one Mrs. Avocado did for her friend's wedding, that's the exact color I want.

There is so much inspiration I see out there, I love when I find a picture that is exactly what I want and have been thinking about in my head but hadn't actually found it on paper yet.

How do you get inspired? Speaking of inspired... my blog feature section is about to begin!


lauralove. said...

Yes, I love that board! I have given you an award on my blog. Go see. :)

Jen said...

LOVE a dyed crinoline! And love that yours will be fuscia!
Lime and pink are AMAZING together...that's what my BM's flowers ended up looking like - can't wait to see your vision come together!