Thursday, October 29, 2009


I think not.

Miss Spaniel, Miss Pug, and Miss Husky all sitting there in a row. The three icons that myself, Miss Pug from Miss Pug's Pawfect Wedding, and Stephanie from I Do at the Zoo have had our eye on from day one. But now Stephanie is already married so she is out of the running! Me and Miss Pug are trying Steph! :)

Oh well.


Stephanie said...

I rooting for you girls!! One of us should have our Weddingbee Puppy Generation dreams met! Maybe we should start a petition or something :-D

In my humble opinion, I adore WB, but they don't know what they're missing out on!

Miss Pug said...

I'll keep trying! I'm hopeful someone will want to hear about my fur-covered nuptials. (No really... at least one of my bridesmaids in BLACK will have pug hair on them...)

Morgan said...

The puppy icons are so cute! You guys should totally keep trying, I've heard some bees weren't chosen until their 2nd or 3rd try. I'm also looking forward to seeing the new craft and fabric generations they are working on.