Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blogger Meet-up in Spirit

I saw a little surprise on Sunday that was just too fun not to share. Blogging has been a fabulous experience for me and the start of my addiction I have to give credit to Weddingbee. I started on there and so many girls starting their own, started following those as well and knew I needed to start one of my own... enter With this ring, I thee blog.

I went to my first Bee Meet-up a few months ago and had a great time, I was with about fifteen or so fabulous girls and bloggers who were planning their wedding and got to also meet Mrs. Frenchie, Mrs. Duckling, and Mrs. Sprinkle. All three fabulous ladies as well. Since then I've become even more involved in the blogging world and have made a few close friends as well that I talk to regularly -- enter Miss Pug from "Miss Pugs Pawfect Wedding" and Stephanie from "I do at the Zoo". I know you have all heard me talk so much about them and that's because I've become such a fan of these two bloggin' babes!

Sad news is -- they are practically across the nation. :( Louisville and Indiana aren't exactly right around the corner from Southern California. Well Stephanie and Miss Pug decided to have their own meet up this past Saturday and I was so sad to not be a part of it... at least that's what I thought, until I saw this post by Miss Pug.

I did make it to the meet up, as did Katie from Random Reflections of a Perfectionist!!

They brought Katie and I to the meet-up as well! Knowing how badly we wish we could have been there (Katie is on the east coast)... Yes I'm aware we are just some precious stick figures, but that doesn't mean nothin! We were totally there!

See here I am, enjoying a Mojito.

Love this pic of me and Stephanie...

Oh gosh, and we had the yummiest cupcakes after lunch!

Haha, that post seriously made my Sunday ladies and I only hope to be able to meet you guys one day as well as so many other readers that I've become friends with over the past couple months.

Have you made any friends through your blogging community? How about some real life meet-ups?



Chocolate Lover said...

This is really cute! You ladies are great!

Miss Pug said...

SO MUCH FUN! But it would have been better if you were really there :(

Katie said...

So good to have lunch with you...;) I think I was a tad overdressed for the occasion when I compare outfits with everyone else...