Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We are being tested...

Let me introduce you to Mr. Mojito and I's first furbaby: Dakota.

You may wonder what this has to do with weddings but I will get to that. First let me introduce you to this gorgeous little purebred Cocker Spaniel pup.

She is hilarious.

She is adorable.

She is a total lovebug.

...and a complete nutjob.

Don't you love her tuxedo? I could honestly post pictures for days. But those are just a few from the past month and a half. We got her at six and a half weeks and it's been a handful. I've had dogs my entire life, Mr. Mojito has only had two and both were adopted from the pound as adults. This is his first puppy and my first puppy since I was probably 11 or 12 (so basically I didn't do much in the training department)... this was definately a test for the reason of it being a taste of having a child.

Mr. Mojito and I know we want to start a family, but have no idea when we want to do so. I'm one who gets baby fever once in a while so I know I will be tempted soon after marriage but know I'm not ready for it... I also snap out of that fever rather quickly.

But a puppy gets you up throughout the nite, it keeps you from doing things you want to do and going places you want to go, we have to find her a babysitter (enter Mama and Papa Mojito as well as FMIL & FFIL Mojito), it goes to the bathroom non-stop, the list goes on.

Honestly, WE LOVE IT. She is so much fun and we don't ever regret getting her... but they are a handful and quite the task. So after the past month and a half, we are thinking about three years or so before we start the babymaking process. But yeah, I'm a proud mama and I love my Dakota... and for now that's enough for me. Isn't she cute?

Do you and your fiance plan on starting a family? What is the time frame you have discussed?

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Ghenet said...

Your puppy is sooo cute! My FI and I really want to get a puppy sometime after the wedding, when things settle down.