Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wake me up, before you logo!

Ok seriously, I've seen some lame yet funny post titles in my time but this was wasn't even remotely funny... that was all sorts of lameburger, but who doesn't love a WAM! reference? But let's move-on and just realize that this post is going to be about logos incase you didn't catch that.

The very first thing I did once my venue was booked was basically the first thing I came across... the For the Modern Brides website. I saw that I could get 3 logos for $30, thought they did some fun work, and I wanted something to show for my wedding plans!

So since we knew the date, location, and color scheme I sent it their way and got these in return:

The first one was by far my favorite, the second one was okay and the third Mr. Mojito thought was just too girly. I like the third one and I'm going to use it to get some stationary notepads made for me to just use at in the kitchen for shopping lists and what not. The first one we are using for round stickers to close the pocketfolds I believe or anything else we might need to "seal". As a whole they were really fun and I've been able to use them for our website and things like that.

I've always been a lover of monograms but because of our names it just never seemed right to me since my future last name and first name both start with L. It just seemed very loopy and with just the L like in the third logo I always automatically think of my name instead of my future last name... so I tried to keep away from monograms.

Did you have a logo or monogram designed or was it something you took on DIY style? How did you incorporate it into your wedding?

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Miss Pug said...

I ADORE the first one!!!!!!!!!!! It's bright and cheery and reminds me of your awesome personality!