Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Vista Print of Photography

Everyone in the wedding world knows about Vista Print. I ready about it all over the hive and in the blogs I follow - many girls are using them for their STDs mostly, especially since they are FREE (minus any additions you might make as well as shipping).

But now I just heard about something that I HAVE to share... this is awesome and a friend referred me. I like that I know someone who has used them because she said their stuff is good quality (I'm pretty sure she's only ordered prints though)...

I now bring you: ArtsCow!

Not only do they sell prints for only SIX CENTS (lowest I've EVER seen is nine cents). But you will probably never have to buy them... you get credited free stuff left and right just like Vista Print!

If you follow my referel link and sign up they will credit you 1200 prints AND 3 8x8 photo books! No that was not a typo... 600 4x6 prints and 600 5x7 prints AND 3 - 8x8 photo books... FREE! Need pictures for your table numbers? How about for frames of your engagement pictures at home or at your reception? Wanna gift some pix for family or friends? I know I'm saving up these bad boys for after the wedding festivities because I purchased a CD of all prints from my photographer.

Seriously, what a deal... I then clicked into my "Credits" part of my account and I had TONS of free things (you just have to pay for shipping)... I'm talking everything from photo books to coasters to playing cards. I'm just thinking of so many ideas I can use these for! I have tons of credits for photo books so I'm thinking I can make books for each of my Bridesmaid to put in with their gifts as well as maybe one for Mr Mojito and I's parents.

Have I sold you yet? Good... click here and get your credits, I forgot to mention I get 200 MORE free credits by you following my link after your first purchase... so follow my link, make a purchase, then spread the word ladies!


What are you going to use your Arts Cow for?


Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

Wow...I signed up and got a crapload of credits. Have you ever actually ordered stuff from there? Is it good quality?

Miss Mojito said...

I know, I had a ton of credits as well! I have not ordered anything yet but a friend of mine has ordered prints and said they turned out great. I will definately report back once I ever order some things!

LauraLou said...

This is awesome!! Thanks!

Jen said...

I had used ArtsCow to make dog tags of my girls pictures and attached them to the outside of their day-of bags! Great site!

Miss Mojito said...

I LOVE the idea for dog tags for the day of bags, might steal that idea! :)

kmattso2 said...

I signed up with your referral link and just ordered 20 5x7s. So hopefully you'll be getting your 200 credits! I'll let you know how it goes.