Monday, September 21, 2009

SY2TD: The One

Alright Mr, Mojito. This is your cue to SCRAM.

As you know from my previous post, I have found the dress. That is, unless I change my mind by the time I get to my appointment this evening at 6:15. Unfortunately, until the downpayment is made, I couldn't take any pictures of me in the dress. But that will be done this evening the second Mama Mojito signs the check, so I might do another post with the actual pix of me in the dress.

Drumroll please. The one... the only.... the Victoriana!

I'm not a fan of the over the top pick-ups, but this had just the couple slight ones in the front that I loved and the back is soooo dramatic. I felt total princess status in this dress!

I just love the details in the back and the bubble hem on the dress as well. It has the corset back which was a must for me, and since I knew I was most likely getting a Maggie Sottero I knew I would probably get that since all of her dresses have the corset back. Honestly, the dress I tried on was probably one or two sizes too small and then after my girl tied me in made me a good two sizes smaller. The dropped waist looked amazing, I will be so excited to see the dress actually in my size. She told me the ship date from Maggie is late December so I should get it around mid to late January she said. That gives me probably around 3 months to do the alterations and get it perfect if needed.

Of course, I've always thought that the dresses like 98% different on ANYONE AND EVERYONE then it does on the model, so of course I did some google dress stalking as well to look at brides in the beautiful dress.

I could seriously post about the dress all day, I just hope I get a great reaction from my mom tonight, or that could really throw things for a loop. When she saw the pix she thought it was gorgeous though and I know Mr. Mojito will love it!

If you were wondering, the dress that I was tied with was the Vogue Royale. Seriously the price tag was the only thing that made it an easy decision. It was just classic elegance and just completely gorgeous... the detail in the semi-cathedral length train made me totally swoon, check it out:

Gorgeous right?

Now this is my only thing I will be thinking about all day: the size decision. At the moment I've been loosing weight and have a goal of loosing anywhere between 40 and 60 lbs by the wedding day. From EVERY bridal store I've been told I can buy a dress and no matter how small it goes during alterations it will not change the dress. I always find that so hard to believe but I have seen what these seamstresses do and it's pretty fantastic. So at the moment I am thinking of going down one size from what she measures me. On top of that I will be able to go up or down a size with the corset back so that will give me some options as well. I would love to say I will be at LEAST two sizes smaller by the wedding day but I feel that could be a huge risk. What are your thoughts? Advice totally wanted on this one.


Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

I love Victoriana. I have dress regrets every time I see it, but it's way out of my budget.

Anonymous said...

Well if you're gonna do pick ups... less is more in my book... you are gonna be fantastic!

-miss d.

Westside Wedding said...

The dress is beautiful!