Thursday, September 10, 2009

STD: There's No Turning Back

The decision has been made. The order is in. The checking account has been deducted.

After my last post trying to get some feedback out of ya'll I discussed it with Mr. Mojito. Of course sometimes he acts like he doesn't care and then when I go to him with the Save the Date questions this time he is full of opinion. He wanted one thing to be for sure in the picture we chose... there would be no doubt in anyone's mind that we were at Angel Stadium. So I showed him a couple of the faves and although it was clear we were playing baseball and in our Angel gear he said that he didn't see the stadium feel he is thinking. It's so cute, Mr. Mojito thought it was so amazing we took our e-pix there he wants to make sure everyone sees that WE WERE THERE.

So here were a few that I put together using the editor on Piknic. I love that website, if you haven't used it you should. Does lots of fun basic editing stuff for your pictures for free.

My favorites went #1, #4, #2, #3. Mr. Mojito's went #2, #3, #4, #1. [Total opposites!]

So as he insisted on loving #2, it started to grow on me a bit and I did want to use the pix that we did for the Save the Dates... so that is what we chose.

I ordered the postcards on Vistaprint. I got 100 for FREE with the Glossy finish included. Here is my breakdown for the Postcards on what I spent:

100 Postcards: $0
Uploading Image - Front: $5
Uploading Image - Back: $5
Color on Both Sides: $5 (usually $10 but it randomly gave me 50% off for that)
S&H: $6
Postage (100 x $.28): $28

TOTAL: $49 or $.49 each including postage!

Can't beat that right?

So here ya have it... our postcards. Sorry for the poor image quality, it was the proofs from the website when ordering.

For the price I'm so happy with what we are getting to do, you can't beat this deal that's for sure! I can't wait to see the results.

What was your biggest deal you've received so far in your wedding planning process?


Miss Pug said...

Any tips for Vista print? I am going to use them so I'm nervous!!!! PS you picked my fave picture :)

Miss Mojito said...

Hey Miss Pug, I'll PM you on Weddingbee about it!

Layla said...

Love it!!!