Tuesday, September 8, 2009

STD Contendors

Like many posts, right now I'm facing a dilemma. We know for a fact we will be doing our Save the Dates in postcard form. For one like many brides, this option is chosen to save on stamp costs. Also, who can deny the free offers from Vista Print on a regular basis? You can get 100 post cards for free and just pay for if you want it glossy, updating your own image, and if you want color on both sides. Sometimes some of those fees even get waved and you just end up with shipping. I'm pretty sure the postage will be costing more then the actual Save the Date itself.

The dilemma: I don't know what pictures to use!

We planned a couple of pictures for our actual Save the Date that we thought we would use...

Because of the quality it's hard to see but on one ball it says "Save the Date" and on the other it says "4.17.10"

It's just not my favorite pictures of us and I'm afraid the guests won't be able to read the balls. I guess I could print out a fake one the size the postcard would be and see if it's legible.

But here are a couple of my other favorites that I'm contemplating just photoshop'n some different text on them:

What do you think? Any other ideas I may not have mentioned?

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Miss Pug said...

I like the first two of the STD ones that you are "eh" about, and I love the first one of the three you love!! You could totally photoshop some text on the left. GORGEOUS!