Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Something for my Something New

As of now, my something new will be my wedding dress. I am all about the detail pictures on the wedding day. It helps you really remember everything that you planned months for. One detail pic that I always like is the picture of the wedding dress hanging before the bride puts it on... here is Mrs. Espresso's Gorgeous Dress

Courtesy of Miss Pug's Post a few weeks ago I found something I just had to have! A custom wedding hanger by LilaFrances on Etsy of course!

After a quick $18 drop into paypal, an email with my custom order, and a week wait I had this cute hanger for my wedding dress!

It's so cute and I know it will be the perfect little extra touch. I was contemplating getting them maid for my bridesmaids but I think I might just get a couple more for my FSIL who is getting married as well as another friend. Then after the wedding I figured I could hang it in my office or at home somewhere. On the etsy site it says it can definately hold a dress for a day or so but it isn't made for something of that much weight for a long period of time... I was okay with that because I just want it to work for the pictures!

Have you spent money on something that wasn't important but it had you so excited for it?


Ashley said...

I keep staring at that dress and I wish it wasn't so expensive. I want it so bad.

And I love those hangers.

Miss Pug said...

YAY MISS MOJITO!!!!! I haven't ordered mine yet (I try to limit my etsy transactions so that Mr Pug doesn't stroke out looking at our monthly statement) but I can't wait to, especially now that I've seen yours!!!!!