Sunday, September 20, 2009

Say Yes to the Dress: The Final Stop

I've found "The One" and I'm not talkin' about Mr. Mojito.

Since I've been engaged I've hit up tons of different bridal salons & trust me there are PLENTY in Southern California. I've gone to so many and at every place found at least one I liked. None of them made me cry, none of them gave me that crazy emotional feeling that I've heard so many brides talk about. My dilemma was I didn't know if maybe I just wasn't going to get that feeling... nonetheless I wouldn't commit.

Here were a few of the contendors:

Sara by Maggie Sottero

Adelaide by Maggie Sottero

Charmaine by Maggie Sottero

Style #1904 by CasaBlanca Bridal

So because I had no idea where I stood in the wedding dress decisions I decided there was one bridal shop I kept getting referrals too, one being from Mrs. French Bulldog, that this place was great. I wanted to make a visit there and there only. After going there it was decision time. I decided that the more I keep looking the more confused I will get.

This past Friday morning, MOH-Lu and I hit up Jinny's Bridal in Huntington Beach and were paired up with a fabulous consultant. She immediately asked for what exactly I was looking for and by now I had a good list in my head of things I liked and disliked after the many dresses I have tried on. She immediately got to pulling things off the rack and she dragged me into a dressing room with a sea of eight gorgeous wedding dresses -- all which happened to be Maggie Sottero. I swear I just lovvvve just about all of her dresses.

After trying on four dresses and liking them ALL I said we needed to stop and I didn't want to even bother with the other dresses, I thought that the first one was probably the one so I wanted to try it on again... sure enough I loved it and my MOH agreed. I couldn't believe I was liking every dress I tried on. There was another one that was a totally different style that I absolutely loved as well but for $600 more it was easy to make the decision. You'll see here that EVERY dress was so different so it was just a matter of choosing what I liked for myself and pictured myself in the most. Here are the four that I tried on at Jinny's Bridal...

Vogue Royale by Maggie Sottero

Victoriana by Maggie Sottero

Sonya by Maggie Sottero

Diana Royale by Maggie Sottero

"The One" is one of those four. Can you guess which one it might be? Because of course I'm going to make you wait.

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Anonymous said...

my guess is the vogue royale!