Monday, October 5, 2009

Please Join Us: The Sneak Peek

Okay here are a few random photos of the print draft from my printer. They were not all cut correctly but other then that I loved everything else! He used a pearl opalescent paper that looks gorgeous just like the pocket folds. I will post the actual PDF's so you can see the wording we used, etc. But I need to figure out how to turn my PDF's into pictures so then I can also blur out the "shouldn't post this stuff on the internet" stuff. So in the meantime check out my paper porn with some poor quality point and shoot in some even crappier lighting.

The three inserts we have in the invites are Directions, an RSVP postcard, and Details.

I seriously think they are so fun, very much us, and seem like they give that fun feeling of our wedding that we are going for.
*All designs credited to the fabulous Leslie of Slieberry Designs!


Stacy Marie said...

Those are SO pretty!

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

Ooh I love your invitations! They are beautiful!