Thursday, September 17, 2009

Please Join Us: The Miracle Maker

As always, I was browsing the classifieds on WeddingBee. I found someone who was a graphic designer and wanted to expand their business and tap their feet into the Wedding Invitation world. Because of this she wanted to do a few brides invites for free to add into her portfolio. I saw she already had a ton of responses but I thought I would give it a whirl anyway.

She told me just what I thought... she was swamped with responses but asked when my wedding date was. At the time I was still a year from my wedding and explained I wasn't going to be sending these out for AT LEAST nine months so if whe wanted to we could work between projects. She accepted.

I was stoked, she told me to tell her a little about my wedding, what I was looking for in an invitation, and maybe some of my favorites I've seen around the web. I couldn't find any of my inspiration photos because as I've been getting things accomplished I delete things in my wedding folder. Is that dumb? Possibly, but I have soooo much inspiration going on I can't keep myself straight!

But instead I will show you some work from the fabulous Slieberry Designs... Leslie has been fabulous to work with and would always make any changes I had in a flash. You think I'm going to show you my invites just yet? Nope. I'd rather wait until another post. Don't you remember our post about patience? Yeah, practice makes perfect. So in the meantime... here is some of Leslie's work...

Oooo... I love pocketfolds and am so excited I'm using them!

I feel so lucky to have found Lesley. All I had to purchase where the pocketfolds and envelopes as well as the printing... fortunately since my mother and I work at a University we have some printing people that we know and will be getting this done rather cheap hopefully. If not we have a great printer and will be doing them ourselves -- I just don't want to do the cutting!

I guess I will stop, I could go on forever. How did you find your invitations? Are you having everything done? DIY? Someone designing for you like me?

Next up? The invite goodies.

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