Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Please Don't Stop the Music: Bouquet & Garter Toss

There are so many brides that I hear are over the tradition, and I think some have good reasons in not doing it. The most valid being they have only one or two single friends and they don't want to "single" them out (hardy-har!). But I on the other hand, have plenty of single friends and I can't wait to have some fun music and to do the two traditional tosses.

Bouquet Toss

This one was easy, one of my favorite songs of the year and I know has become very popular for this event at weddings but hell, I love it and want to use it! All the single ladies, now put your hands up!

If you didn't click it to enjoy the tune, do it now. I'm sure most have seen that one. No? What about this one and this one. Yeah people lovvved that Beyonce song. Seriously click those though if you want to smile.

Garter Removal

Now for this part I think we will be choosing the classic that everyone loves... Rick James!!

then once that is taken off... most likely the super classy way -- the teeth of course.

Now it's time for the...

Garter Toss

This one I haven't seen any I love, but here are the few that are on the list so far...

It's Raining Men by the Weather Girls

Brick House by the Commadores

Macho Man by the Village People

Hot Legs by Rod Stewart

I dunno... none of them are super exciting to me, I've also seen the Mission Impossible theme song as a possibility as well. What are your song choices for these events? Are you forgoing any of these events for any specific reason? I'd love the suggestions!

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