Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Patience is a Virtue

When it comes to patience, what is the one thing you've struggled with the most? For me, it's all been easy and I've been very patient throughout the process thus far... except while I was waiting for the ring of course. :)

But honestly, waiting for my engagement photos was BRUTAL.

So without further ado... my engagement photos will be posted this evening.

Yes, this evening.

I shall make you practice patience... who am I kidding, do I really think ya'll are waiting on pins and needles for my e-photos like I was? Probably not. But I can leave you with another teaser right? This is probably one of my faves and we will use it for the Save the Date even though we did posed ones for the STD's... unfortunately I didn't LOVE any of them.

(Sorry for the poor quality, my photographer uses Pictage and you can't right click on there so in the meantime I've been doing screen shots and cropping... Shhh lol)

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Miss Pug said...

HAHA I had to do that too with the screen shots. Can't wait to see them!