Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh Snap!

I'm not really sure if I've said much about my photographer besides the fact that Mr. Mojito and I won him in a contest. Our photographer, Paul Manke, was awesome right off the bat. As soon as we found out we wont the contest we set up an appointment to meet with him and discuss our plans and vision as well as a time for our engagement session.

There was a lot I wanted in a photographer since this was the only thing I would be taking away from my wedding day and when I saw the contest I wasn't sure what to think. After looking at some of his work I realized I would be completely stoked to be able to work with Paul on my, ahem our, wedding day.

One thing I always wanted was a photobooth, but I knew that with all of the things I wanted for the wedding, including a great photographer, that just probably wasn't in my budget. Good news is, is when we found out we won this contest that was $1500-$2000 that we had been saving for that was no longer needed. I decided to use that money for some extras with Paul and then use the rest towards Mr. Mojitos ring.

I already was recieving so many great things in the package that I won with Paul... an engagement session, online proofing, 8 hour session, a personalized wedding website, online slideshow, edited photos for posting/email, and an album.

Because I had everything I needed this is what I've considered adding on to the package:

A photobooth for $300. I plan on having lots of props and a DIY backdrop.

I also want to possibly pay for an additional hour or two because I definately want the shots of us all getting ready plus we are doing all of our photos at the beach before. I believe that is $100 an hour, but I have to confirm... it's been a while since I've looked at the contract. I might not even need that.

Lastly, I want a CD of ALL of our images. I want to be able to email people their pix from the photobooth as well as make my own album sometime online for us as well as our parents. That CD is $250 and totally worth every penny to me.

That makes all of my photography needs and more at $550 (without paying for extra time). I can never complain about that, the person who can complain is Paul. I seriously email him and bug him all the time. Thanks though Paul, you've been awesome throughout this whole process!

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