Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I know I can get a better deal...

That's what Mama Mojito said last nite. I took her to the bridal salon last nite along with MOH-KC and I tried on the dress for them, they loved it and Mama Mojito said if it's the one I want it's mine.

Now let me say one thing - I LOVE JINNY'S BRIDAL. I've had nothing bad to say about them and the customer service I have recieved there has been phenominal. They won't budget on a price though, and say that Maggie Sottero won't allow it. Which I do believe, and I do believe that Jinny has the best prices out there... but I also know I've been to salon's that were willing to give discounts. The question was, how much are they marking the dresses up so that they can give me 10% off, etc. and still will it be a batter deal then Jinny's? So since Marina, my fabulous consultant at Jimmy, gives me no pressure at all she left us saying she would LOVE our business but if we can get it cheaper by all means do it.

So Mama-Mojito is up for the challenge. My dress budget wasn't really set but we just kinda said we wanted to spend between $800-$1000. At Jinny's they were pricing the Victoriana at $1198. Moma-Mojito has been hunting high and low online today, and callin' all sorts of places, then calling me at work with her findings.

It looks like she will be successful. So far we have found it in Virginia Beach for $1018. The owner of the shop said they won't charge me tax or shipping either. I also saw when googling them right now that if I'm a "Facebook Fan" they throw in an iTunes giftcard. I'm a sucker for "Free Gifts".

I'm definately nervous about doing our own measurements but I don't think we will have a problem, the website tells you exactly how to do it. I also liked that it's an actual bridal store in the U.S. so we will be able to have easy contact with these people and my mom said the mother and son who own the store seem extremely nice. The money we will be saving by going this route will be able to now go towards my alterations or other accesories for the dress.

Ooo, I love the back so much!
Loved swooshing around in it last night again.

Sorry Jinny's Bridal, I loved you and will always refer you, but I'm takin my business cross country (let me know if you want their 411). I am so happy that my parents will be able to be getting a better deal, and the Victoriana will be mine. Did you ever jump the gun on something and then find out you could get something cheaper then what you paid or where about to pay?


Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

Have you thought into buying it preowned? I've seen this dress on a couple of sites and there are some pretty good prices (under $1000).

Miss Mojito said...

Yes I have, just have never found one even close to my size or I would definately consider it.