Friday, September 25, 2009

I haz an award.

Woo hoo, love comin' back from my lunch break to see something fabulous... my dear friend Miss Pug over at Miss Pug's Pawfect Wedding has awarded me the "Kreativ Blogger Award"!

Yay, my first blog award. So I guess what I'm supposed to do is say seven random things about myself and follow it up by awarding seven other bloggers with the award.

The Randoms

1. I got ordained in the state of California to marry one of my friends. When we were younger we used to joke that whoever got married first the other had to marry them... she got engaged and said she was signin' me up to do it. Here is yours truly, Rev. Mojito.

2. I never had one bite of steak until Valentine's Day 2006. My boyfriend at the time had me try his filet mignon and I was hooked... it's now my fave, and with some blue cheese - yumm-o!

3. I have a weird obsession with Hot Dogs. Seriously I can never get enough. You may think it's gross, and I just don't care. Can I get some Pink's please? Here is Mr. Mojito and I following the Oscar Mayer Weenie Mobile...

4. I purchased a house at the age of 23. I found that to be a huge accomplishment.

5. When I was doing my fourth random fact I couldn't remember how old I was. I remember thinking my parents where crazy for forgetting sometimes. I'm way to young to already forget.

6. Mr. Mojito and I like to get one of our Celebrity Maps and go stalk celebrities and their houses on nice Sunday afternoons... we've even spotted a few pulling out of their driveways. I think it would be safer for me NOT to say whether we did or didn't follow them. And yes that is me testing out my Pap skills on Matthew McConaughey.

7. I flipped burgers and cooked fries at the famous In-N-Out Burger for over seven years. Best company to ever work for and I can't wait to get back with them and utilize my degree in their corporate offices... I've already begun pulling my strings. If you've never been, make your way to the west coast, stat.

I'd like to award some of my daily faves...

  • Sweets and Life
  • Westside Wedding
  • Newport Nuptials
  • Bride on a Budget
  • Happily After All
  • We Met in a Bar
  • love&lace

Thanks again Miss Pug...


Sweet Tooth said...

Sorry, I'm a tad behind Miss Mojito but thanks for the award. : )

Westside Wedding said...

oh my I am way behind!!! Thank you so much Miss Mojito!!