Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Gift for an "Angel"

Awwww... so Mr. Mojito and I haven't discussed doing a wedding gift yet and if we were even going to do it. But no matter what the verdict is, I know what I'm doing for him.

As I'm sure most of you have seen from our engagement pix we are huge Angel fans. Already bummin' that this season is almost over... but playoffs is starting in a few weeks and I'm so ready for it! Wow, I get off focus...

So anyways, back to the topic of a wedding gift. One time when looking for some sort of information on the Angels website I saw this: The Angels Brick Program

I just thought to myself that would be really cool, but thought nothing more into it. Fast-forward to me trying to contact someone at Angel's stadium about getting our engagement photos there and I ran into it again, instantly I knew I had to get this done!

The Angels Baseball Foundation Personal Brick! I've always wanted one of these and they lay all of these bricks out in front of the stadium and you get a certificate and map of where your brick is (kinda like what you can do at Disneyland). It costs $99 and then for a replica brick it is an extra $65. The thing that is great is all of that money goes to the Angel's Children Baseball Foundation (yes, another tax write off!).

Disneyland Brick Example

This is what I would want it to say:

Laura and Bradley Lewis
Est. April 17, 2010

The part I love is then with the replica brick I want to put it in the ground where we buy our first home on the patio or something!

I do kinda like the ones at Disneyland better though... they both would work great because we have season passes to Disneyland as well and share a total love for the happiest place on earth. I haven't been able to find any information on their bricks though very easily on their website. Let me know if you know any information.

what is your plan for a wedding gift for your future hubby (or wifey!)??

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