Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do Me a Favor

I need help with my favors! Seriously, I don't know why but I just can't decide on a favor. I have seen so many cute ideas online but they are ideas that will cost me a couple hundred dollars and although might be cute at the moment, let's be honest... we all know most of them turn up in the trash the next day.

So I'm always told that people are so happy with anything that is edible. Perfect. Who doesn't want a nice little treat for the ride home or later on that next? That's why Candy stations are SO popular now. I love them so much and am tempted to do the Candy buffet on a regular basis.

So there are two edible favor ideas I have going in my head if I decide to go that route. The first one is chocolates. I know a fantastic place that has the yummiest chocolate, and when talking to the owner he said he had hundreds of molds, and if he didn't have a mold that I wanted to use he would find it for me. He didn't have flip flops but we of course found the mold:

We would put a pair of flip flops in each bag (which the owner said they would wrap for us how we liked -- score even more less work) and then I would develop some sort of cute tag that says:
The Perfect Pair
Mr & Mrs Mojito
April 17, 2010

The other edible idea I have is one I would ultimately want to do. One of our favorite bakery's is located in a little town called Claremont, it's called Some Crust Bakery and it is UH-MAZE-ING. Seriously, if you are a So Cal local, go now. You won't regret. Before I get into what I want to get, let me just tell you they make their version of a "Hostess Cupcake" but they call it a "Mostess Cupcake"... wow, I think there is drool on my keyboard. Moving on...

They make the best Macaroons. The evil thing is, is they only make them on Fridays... so you best not have a craving any other day of the week. They have plain and drizzled with chocolate. They are large, moist, and delightful. Go look through their website, you'll find them, you'll want them. My mom is convinced they would give us 200 for less then a dollar a pop but I don't believe it. I think if we can get that we will do that, if not we would choose the chocolate flip flop idea instead.

Now for my non-edible favor idea. One of the ideas that Mr. Mojito and I have loved but since it hasn't gone with our theme we've gone against it. But anyone who knows us would think this is a good idea. I know, I know. Get to the point Miss Mojito!

SCRATCHERS! This is awesome for so many reasons...

1) You buy 200 scratchers you are bound to have some winners!

2) Who wouldn't love walking out of a wedding with $1, $50, hell you never know!

3) My grandpa was on the Big Spin when I was in the second grade after winning a trip to the show off of a scratcher. He won $50,000 and it's always been a big thing in my family and I think of Gramps Mojito every time I get scratchers... was so bummed when they cancelled the Big Spin... now it's Make Me a Millionare! So it's kinda in rememberance of gramps.

4) If you know me and Mr. Mojito you know we love to gamble and buy scratchers all. the. time.

I just love the idea of putting them in vellum envelopes including a brand new penny with the year we are getting married "2010". Many people probably won't notice that little detail but I love it! I've also thought that we could incorporate them by doubling them up into our escort cards as well so the labels would have their name and table as well. We've also seen cute saying for the labels:

  • Wishing you riches, from the new Mr. & Mrs.
  • We get half!
  • Hope our luck rubs off on you!
  • With a whole LOTTO love!
  • MatriMONEY
  • Your love means MILLIONS, thank you!

Some of those are so cute! I'd even want to have our DJ maybe have everyone stand up if they won at least a free ticket or higher and then have people sit down as they are out beat so we can see who won the most money.

What is your favorite saying of those? What are you plans for the favors?

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Miss Pug said...

Ok I am DEFINITELY voting for the scratchers!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen that before! I say on the front of the vellum envelope you make it the escort card, but on the inside include a little slip of paper with the saying you choose. The first one is my favorite I think but the LOTTO love one is a CLOSE second!