Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Days until I marry my best friend, I can't believe that I'm almost Mrs. Mojito!!

Signed onto my Facebook today and saw this:

When I first added this to my Facebook it was almost 500 days so I know 200 is going to go just like that!

Love you Mr. Mojito... even though I'm pretty sure you don't read this, haha.

And get ready for the big reveal of my invites soon, our printer did a test run for us before we give him the go and Mama Mojito picked it up this afternoon and dropped it by my office. I'M IN LOVE.


The Vista Print of Photography

Everyone in the wedding world knows about Vista Print. I ready about it all over the hive and in the blogs I follow - many girls are using them for their STDs mostly, especially since they are FREE (minus any additions you might make as well as shipping).

But now I just heard about something that I HAVE to share... this is awesome and a friend referred me. I like that I know someone who has used them because she said their stuff is good quality (I'm pretty sure she's only ordered prints though)...

I now bring you: ArtsCow!

Not only do they sell prints for only SIX CENTS (lowest I've EVER seen is nine cents). But you will probably never have to buy them... you get credited free stuff left and right just like Vista Print!

If you follow my referel link and sign up they will credit you 1200 prints AND 3 8x8 photo books! No that was not a typo... 600 4x6 prints and 600 5x7 prints AND 3 - 8x8 photo books... FREE! Need pictures for your table numbers? How about for frames of your engagement pictures at home or at your reception? Wanna gift some pix for family or friends? I know I'm saving up these bad boys for after the wedding festivities because I purchased a CD of all prints from my photographer.

Seriously, what a deal... I then clicked into my "Credits" part of my account and I had TONS of free things (you just have to pay for shipping)... I'm talking everything from photo books to coasters to playing cards. I'm just thinking of so many ideas I can use these for! I have tons of credits for photo books so I'm thinking I can make books for each of my Bridesmaid to put in with their gifts as well as maybe one for Mr Mojito and I's parents.

Have I sold you yet? Good... click here and get your credits, I forgot to mention I get 200 MORE free credits by you following my link after your first purchase... so follow my link, make a purchase, then spread the word ladies!


What are you going to use your Arts Cow for?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh Snap!

I'm not really sure if I've said much about my photographer besides the fact that Mr. Mojito and I won him in a contest. Our photographer, Paul Manke, was awesome right off the bat. As soon as we found out we wont the contest we set up an appointment to meet with him and discuss our plans and vision as well as a time for our engagement session.

There was a lot I wanted in a photographer since this was the only thing I would be taking away from my wedding day and when I saw the contest I wasn't sure what to think. After looking at some of his work I realized I would be completely stoked to be able to work with Paul on my, ahem our, wedding day.

One thing I always wanted was a photobooth, but I knew that with all of the things I wanted for the wedding, including a great photographer, that just probably wasn't in my budget. Good news is, is when we found out we won this contest that was $1500-$2000 that we had been saving for that was no longer needed. I decided to use that money for some extras with Paul and then use the rest towards Mr. Mojitos ring.

I already was recieving so many great things in the package that I won with Paul... an engagement session, online proofing, 8 hour session, a personalized wedding website, online slideshow, edited photos for posting/email, and an album.

Because I had everything I needed this is what I've considered adding on to the package:

A photobooth for $300. I plan on having lots of props and a DIY backdrop.

I also want to possibly pay for an additional hour or two because I definately want the shots of us all getting ready plus we are doing all of our photos at the beach before. I believe that is $100 an hour, but I have to confirm... it's been a while since I've looked at the contract. I might not even need that.

Lastly, I want a CD of ALL of our images. I want to be able to email people their pix from the photobooth as well as make my own album sometime online for us as well as our parents. That CD is $250 and totally worth every penny to me.

That makes all of my photography needs and more at $550 (without paying for extra time). I can never complain about that, the person who can complain is Paul. I seriously email him and bug him all the time. Thanks though Paul, you've been awesome throughout this whole process!

Tweet Tweet

Just thought I'd write up a quick post, not sure how many of my readers are into the whole Twitter scene. I've had it for a while and just recently began going on there more frequently. If you want become a follower!


Leave your account if you have one and I will find ya as well!

I haz an award.

Woo hoo, love comin' back from my lunch break to see something fabulous... my dear friend Miss Pug over at Miss Pug's Pawfect Wedding has awarded me the "Kreativ Blogger Award"!

Yay, my first blog award. So I guess what I'm supposed to do is say seven random things about myself and follow it up by awarding seven other bloggers with the award.

The Randoms

1. I got ordained in the state of California to marry one of my friends. When we were younger we used to joke that whoever got married first the other had to marry them... she got engaged and said she was signin' me up to do it. Here is yours truly, Rev. Mojito.

2. I never had one bite of steak until Valentine's Day 2006. My boyfriend at the time had me try his filet mignon and I was hooked... it's now my fave, and with some blue cheese - yumm-o!

3. I have a weird obsession with Hot Dogs. Seriously I can never get enough. You may think it's gross, and I just don't care. Can I get some Pink's please? Here is Mr. Mojito and I following the Oscar Mayer Weenie Mobile...

4. I purchased a house at the age of 23. I found that to be a huge accomplishment.

5. When I was doing my fourth random fact I couldn't remember how old I was. I remember thinking my parents where crazy for forgetting sometimes. I'm way to young to already forget.

6. Mr. Mojito and I like to get one of our Celebrity Maps and go stalk celebrities and their houses on nice Sunday afternoons... we've even spotted a few pulling out of their driveways. I think it would be safer for me NOT to say whether we did or didn't follow them. And yes that is me testing out my Pap skills on Matthew McConaughey.

7. I flipped burgers and cooked fries at the famous In-N-Out Burger for over seven years. Best company to ever work for and I can't wait to get back with them and utilize my degree in their corporate offices... I've already begun pulling my strings. If you've never been, make your way to the west coast, stat.

I'd like to award some of my daily faves...

  • Sweets and Life
  • Westside Wedding
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  • Bride on a Budget
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  • love&lace

Thanks again Miss Pug...

She's gone and done it again...

Bride on a Budget has another giveaway going on!
Go visit her post here and enter to win 250 customized greeting cards for one lucky winner.
Visit her blog for more information!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do Me a Favor

I need help with my favors! Seriously, I don't know why but I just can't decide on a favor. I have seen so many cute ideas online but they are ideas that will cost me a couple hundred dollars and although might be cute at the moment, let's be honest... we all know most of them turn up in the trash the next day.

So I'm always told that people are so happy with anything that is edible. Perfect. Who doesn't want a nice little treat for the ride home or later on that next? That's why Candy stations are SO popular now. I love them so much and am tempted to do the Candy buffet on a regular basis.

So there are two edible favor ideas I have going in my head if I decide to go that route. The first one is chocolates. I know a fantastic place that has the yummiest chocolate, and when talking to the owner he said he had hundreds of molds, and if he didn't have a mold that I wanted to use he would find it for me. He didn't have flip flops but we of course found the mold:

We would put a pair of flip flops in each bag (which the owner said they would wrap for us how we liked -- score even more less work) and then I would develop some sort of cute tag that says:
The Perfect Pair
Mr & Mrs Mojito
April 17, 2010

The other edible idea I have is one I would ultimately want to do. One of our favorite bakery's is located in a little town called Claremont, it's called Some Crust Bakery and it is UH-MAZE-ING. Seriously, if you are a So Cal local, go now. You won't regret. Before I get into what I want to get, let me just tell you they make their version of a "Hostess Cupcake" but they call it a "Mostess Cupcake"... wow, I think there is drool on my keyboard. Moving on...

They make the best Macaroons. The evil thing is, is they only make them on Fridays... so you best not have a craving any other day of the week. They have plain and drizzled with chocolate. They are large, moist, and delightful. Go look through their website, you'll find them, you'll want them. My mom is convinced they would give us 200 for less then a dollar a pop but I don't believe it. I think if we can get that we will do that, if not we would choose the chocolate flip flop idea instead.

Now for my non-edible favor idea. One of the ideas that Mr. Mojito and I have loved but since it hasn't gone with our theme we've gone against it. But anyone who knows us would think this is a good idea. I know, I know. Get to the point Miss Mojito!

SCRATCHERS! This is awesome for so many reasons...

1) You buy 200 scratchers you are bound to have some winners!

2) Who wouldn't love walking out of a wedding with $1, $50, hell you never know!

3) My grandpa was on the Big Spin when I was in the second grade after winning a trip to the show off of a scratcher. He won $50,000 and it's always been a big thing in my family and I think of Gramps Mojito every time I get scratchers... was so bummed when they cancelled the Big Spin... now it's Make Me a Millionare! So it's kinda in rememberance of gramps.

4) If you know me and Mr. Mojito you know we love to gamble and buy scratchers all. the. time.

I just love the idea of putting them in vellum envelopes including a brand new penny with the year we are getting married "2010". Many people probably won't notice that little detail but I love it! I've also thought that we could incorporate them by doubling them up into our escort cards as well so the labels would have their name and table as well. We've also seen cute saying for the labels:

  • Wishing you riches, from the new Mr. & Mrs.
  • We get half!
  • Hope our luck rubs off on you!
  • With a whole LOTTO love!
  • MatriMONEY
  • Your love means MILLIONS, thank you!

Some of those are so cute! I'd even want to have our DJ maybe have everyone stand up if they won at least a free ticket or higher and then have people sit down as they are out beat so we can see who won the most money.

What is your favorite saying of those? What are you plans for the favors?

Please Don't Stop the Music: Bouquet & Garter Toss

There are so many brides that I hear are over the tradition, and I think some have good reasons in not doing it. The most valid being they have only one or two single friends and they don't want to "single" them out (hardy-har!). But I on the other hand, have plenty of single friends and I can't wait to have some fun music and to do the two traditional tosses.

Bouquet Toss

This one was easy, one of my favorite songs of the year and I know has become very popular for this event at weddings but hell, I love it and want to use it! All the single ladies, now put your hands up!

If you didn't click it to enjoy the tune, do it now. I'm sure most have seen that one. No? What about this one and this one. Yeah people lovvved that Beyonce song. Seriously click those though if you want to smile.

Garter Removal

Now for this part I think we will be choosing the classic that everyone loves... Rick James!!

then once that is taken off... most likely the super classy way -- the teeth of course.

Now it's time for the...

Garter Toss

This one I haven't seen any I love, but here are the few that are on the list so far...

It's Raining Men by the Weather Girls

Brick House by the Commadores

Macho Man by the Village People

Hot Legs by Rod Stewart

I dunno... none of them are super exciting to me, I've also seen the Mission Impossible theme song as a possibility as well. What are your song choices for these events? Are you forgoing any of these events for any specific reason? I'd love the suggestions!

I just realized...

I never did my giveaway! Unfortunately, I don't do a lot of my blogging from home and I need to be home to do it. I will try to remember to do that tonite guys! I swear it's comin' your way brides!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another break from the wedding world...

If Miss Pug does it, I will do it. I love me some Pug... yeah I said it. Go visit her at Miss Pug's Pawfect Wedding... now on to a break from work. And when I say a break from work, what I really mean is a break from wedding blogs. If you decide to share this as well, link me to your blog in a comment!

One Letter at a Time...

A - Age: 24

B - Bed Size: California King

C - Chore you hate: 100% Laundry.

D - Dog's Name: Budweiser... then Peaches and Sundance... then we added Sneakers to the group... then Rosie and Bentley... now I have Dakota.

E - Essential start your day item: Toothbrush

F - Favorite Color: Pink & Green

G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: White Gold

H - Height: 5'9"

I - Instruments you play: Played Piano from 5-18.

J - Job Title: Administrative Specialist (Wow they make Secretary's sound good these days)

K - Kid(s): Give it a couple years...

L - Living Arrangements: Mr. Mojito & I in our condo we bought last summer.

M - Mom's Name: Carrie

N - Nickname(s): Lala & LK

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: When I broke my head open when I was three.

P - Pet Peeve: People who cannot get phrases right (like saying "it was a world-wind experience!) or people who use incorrect spelling/grammar blatantly ("going to the movies than too see my friend's!" so many things wrong there...)

Q - Quote from a movie: "She's wearing my grandmothers Holocaust ring! ... I didn't know they gave out rings at the Holocaust."

R - Right or Left Handed: I write left, but do everything else right.

S - Siblings: Only child here.

T - Time you wake up: 6:15'ish

U - Underwear: Lime green.

V - Vegetable you dislike: Uhm, I seriously don't think I've met a veggie I didn't like.

W - Ways you run late: I'm always on time... if I'm not it's due to one of my friends or traffic. I hate being late.

X - X-rays you've had: Teeth & Back

Y - Yummy food you make: My famous potatoe hash. You just gotta know, maybe I'll leave ya'll this easy and delish recipe some time. Hmm... sounds like dinner to me.

Z - Zoo Favorite: Monkeeeees & Elephants

Wake me up, before you logo!

Ok seriously, I've seen some lame yet funny post titles in my time but this was wasn't even remotely funny... that was all sorts of lameburger, but who doesn't love a WAM! reference? But let's move-on and just realize that this post is going to be about logos incase you didn't catch that.

The very first thing I did once my venue was booked was basically the first thing I came across... the For the Modern Brides website. I saw that I could get 3 logos for $30, thought they did some fun work, and I wanted something to show for my wedding plans!

So since we knew the date, location, and color scheme I sent it their way and got these in return:

The first one was by far my favorite, the second one was okay and the third Mr. Mojito thought was just too girly. I like the third one and I'm going to use it to get some stationary notepads made for me to just use at in the kitchen for shopping lists and what not. The first one we are using for round stickers to close the pocketfolds I believe or anything else we might need to "seal". As a whole they were really fun and I've been able to use them for our website and things like that.

I've always been a lover of monograms but because of our names it just never seemed right to me since my future last name and first name both start with L. It just seemed very loopy and with just the L like in the third logo I always automatically think of my name instead of my future last name... so I tried to keep away from monograms.

Did you have a logo or monogram designed or was it something you took on DIY style? How did you incorporate it into your wedding?

I know I can get a better deal...

That's what Mama Mojito said last nite. I took her to the bridal salon last nite along with MOH-KC and I tried on the dress for them, they loved it and Mama Mojito said if it's the one I want it's mine.

Now let me say one thing - I LOVE JINNY'S BRIDAL. I've had nothing bad to say about them and the customer service I have recieved there has been phenominal. They won't budget on a price though, and say that Maggie Sottero won't allow it. Which I do believe, and I do believe that Jinny has the best prices out there... but I also know I've been to salon's that were willing to give discounts. The question was, how much are they marking the dresses up so that they can give me 10% off, etc. and still will it be a batter deal then Jinny's? So since Marina, my fabulous consultant at Jimmy, gives me no pressure at all she left us saying she would LOVE our business but if we can get it cheaper by all means do it.

So Mama-Mojito is up for the challenge. My dress budget wasn't really set but we just kinda said we wanted to spend between $800-$1000. At Jinny's they were pricing the Victoriana at $1198. Moma-Mojito has been hunting high and low online today, and callin' all sorts of places, then calling me at work with her findings.

It looks like she will be successful. So far we have found it in Virginia Beach for $1018. The owner of the shop said they won't charge me tax or shipping either. I also saw when googling them right now that if I'm a "Facebook Fan" they throw in an iTunes giftcard. I'm a sucker for "Free Gifts".

I'm definately nervous about doing our own measurements but I don't think we will have a problem, the website tells you exactly how to do it. I also liked that it's an actual bridal store in the U.S. so we will be able to have easy contact with these people and my mom said the mother and son who own the store seem extremely nice. The money we will be saving by going this route will be able to now go towards my alterations or other accesories for the dress.

Ooo, I love the back so much!
Loved swooshing around in it last night again.

Sorry Jinny's Bridal, I loved you and will always refer you, but I'm takin my business cross country (let me know if you want their 411). I am so happy that my parents will be able to be getting a better deal, and the Victoriana will be mine. Did you ever jump the gun on something and then find out you could get something cheaper then what you paid or where about to pay?

Visit to the Venue

This little, okay big yacht, makes me so happy.

Anytime I'm any where within a ten mile radius of it (uhm, which is kinda a lot), I make an excuse to go see it. That's what I love about my venue. I don't need an appointment, I can just park and walk right up to see it's glory. And the main offices are right there off the dock so if I DO want to go inside for whatever reason someone is always willing to let me in these electric sliding doors...

Where I'm able to walk in and I get flooded with inspiration...

I can't wait to see it all lit up on my wedding day filled with flowers, delicious food, and all of the most important people in Mr Mojito and I's lives.

It's funny how I was able to get inspiration just writing this post... I realized I need to come up with a plan for the little cocktail tables on the roof. I'm thinking just a little something for the tables. I don't think we have a lot of smokers, but if they want to smoke it has to be on the roof. Okay I'm lying, I'm not sure if we have ANY smokers but I'm just dying to order some personalized matches. People who don't even smoke would want to take them wouldn't they? I know I would, but I'm obsessed with the wedding swag. I could also put them in fishbowl type things at the two bars to match the personalized cocktail napkins I'm going to do as well.

Do you like to make special trips to your venue when not needed? My favorite is to go on weekends when they are setting up for the wedding! Come on, who are the venue stalkers out there?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Please Don't Stop the Music: Cake Cutting

It's been a while since I've done one of my music posts so I thought I would get to Mr Mojito's favorite part of the evening -- the cake cutting. He said that he will make sure to get to have some cake... so of course we have to have a good song for Mr. M's moment!

At the moment we have three contendors, here they are from my top favorite to least:

1] Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler

Hold the phone, is that Shanna Moakler as the flight attendant holding the mic for Billy Idol?? Anyways, so that's my top pick and I think Mr. Mojito likes it as well... if we wanna go a little less sweet and a little more rock we will go for #2.

2] Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard

As I listen to this song on You Tube while I'm writing this I realize... probably not the best choice. I think I want something a little more sweet and fun. This also reminds me of my bar days in Downtown where the whole place screams out this song with their drink raised. Hmm... not exactly what we're going for.

3) Sugar Sugar by Archies

I think as I've been blogging about my different song choices it has given me the opportunity to really hear the songs and think about what I would want at my wedding... Adam Sandler is sounding better and better.

What song are you using during your cake cutting?

lucky number seven.

...And boy do I hope it's lucky.

We are down to the seven month mark (well it was actually on Thursday, but I haven't posted since then). I feel like the only thing we have done is all of the vendor bookings. The details really need to start rolling out. I haven't even done a real to-do list. I start them and scrap them. Why? I have no idea, just not happy with them. So if any of you have a really good to-do list please send it my way, maybe I can build off of that.

For our negative seven month anniversary we spent the nite at the LA County Fair. We had some fabulous Margaritas, shared some grub, and caught a concert -- Creedance Clearwater Revisited. It was awesome.

That's a hot bunch right there isn't it? Seriously though, we were probably the youngest people there and it was a blast. We knew every song and it was a party!

Anyways, it's time to get serious. I need to figure out what my project will be coming up, I want to get something completed by the end of this month. I remember just yesterday saying "Oh my gosh, fourteen months is forever away." Well guess what Mrs. Mojito? It's half way there. Let the DIY Frenzy begin...

SY2TD: The One

Alright Mr, Mojito. This is your cue to SCRAM.

As you know from my previous post, I have found the dress. That is, unless I change my mind by the time I get to my appointment this evening at 6:15. Unfortunately, until the downpayment is made, I couldn't take any pictures of me in the dress. But that will be done this evening the second Mama Mojito signs the check, so I might do another post with the actual pix of me in the dress.

Drumroll please. The one... the only.... the Victoriana!

I'm not a fan of the over the top pick-ups, but this had just the couple slight ones in the front that I loved and the back is soooo dramatic. I felt total princess status in this dress!

I just love the details in the back and the bubble hem on the dress as well. It has the corset back which was a must for me, and since I knew I was most likely getting a Maggie Sottero I knew I would probably get that since all of her dresses have the corset back. Honestly, the dress I tried on was probably one or two sizes too small and then after my girl tied me in made me a good two sizes smaller. The dropped waist looked amazing, I will be so excited to see the dress actually in my size. She told me the ship date from Maggie is late December so I should get it around mid to late January she said. That gives me probably around 3 months to do the alterations and get it perfect if needed.

Of course, I've always thought that the dresses like 98% different on ANYONE AND EVERYONE then it does on the model, so of course I did some google dress stalking as well to look at brides in the beautiful dress.

I could seriously post about the dress all day, I just hope I get a great reaction from my mom tonight, or that could really throw things for a loop. When she saw the pix she thought it was gorgeous though and I know Mr. Mojito will love it!

If you were wondering, the dress that I was tied with was the Vogue Royale. Seriously the price tag was the only thing that made it an easy decision. It was just classic elegance and just completely gorgeous... the detail in the semi-cathedral length train made me totally swoon, check it out:

Gorgeous right?

Now this is my only thing I will be thinking about all day: the size decision. At the moment I've been loosing weight and have a goal of loosing anywhere between 40 and 60 lbs by the wedding day. From EVERY bridal store I've been told I can buy a dress and no matter how small it goes during alterations it will not change the dress. I always find that so hard to believe but I have seen what these seamstresses do and it's pretty fantastic. So at the moment I am thinking of going down one size from what she measures me. On top of that I will be able to go up or down a size with the corset back so that will give me some options as well. I would love to say I will be at LEAST two sizes smaller by the wedding day but I feel that could be a huge risk. What are your thoughts? Advice totally wanted on this one.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Say Yes to the Dress: The Final Stop

I've found "The One" and I'm not talkin' about Mr. Mojito.

Since I've been engaged I've hit up tons of different bridal salons & trust me there are PLENTY in Southern California. I've gone to so many and at every place found at least one I liked. None of them made me cry, none of them gave me that crazy emotional feeling that I've heard so many brides talk about. My dilemma was I didn't know if maybe I just wasn't going to get that feeling... nonetheless I wouldn't commit.

Here were a few of the contendors:

Sara by Maggie Sottero

Adelaide by Maggie Sottero

Charmaine by Maggie Sottero

Style #1904 by CasaBlanca Bridal

So because I had no idea where I stood in the wedding dress decisions I decided there was one bridal shop I kept getting referrals too, one being from Mrs. French Bulldog, that this place was great. I wanted to make a visit there and there only. After going there it was decision time. I decided that the more I keep looking the more confused I will get.

This past Friday morning, MOH-Lu and I hit up Jinny's Bridal in Huntington Beach and were paired up with a fabulous consultant. She immediately asked for what exactly I was looking for and by now I had a good list in my head of things I liked and disliked after the many dresses I have tried on. She immediately got to pulling things off the rack and she dragged me into a dressing room with a sea of eight gorgeous wedding dresses -- all which happened to be Maggie Sottero. I swear I just lovvvve just about all of her dresses.

After trying on four dresses and liking them ALL I said we needed to stop and I didn't want to even bother with the other dresses, I thought that the first one was probably the one so I wanted to try it on again... sure enough I loved it and my MOH agreed. I couldn't believe I was liking every dress I tried on. There was another one that was a totally different style that I absolutely loved as well but for $600 more it was easy to make the decision. You'll see here that EVERY dress was so different so it was just a matter of choosing what I liked for myself and pictured myself in the most. Here are the four that I tried on at Jinny's Bridal...

Vogue Royale by Maggie Sottero

Victoriana by Maggie Sottero

Sonya by Maggie Sottero

Diana Royale by Maggie Sottero

"The One" is one of those four. Can you guess which one it might be? Because of course I'm going to make you wait.