Wednesday, August 19, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Ok, so the blogging trend of the week I keep running into, like my fellow blogger Miss Pug, everyone has been takin a break from the wedding talk and listing off a few of their favorite things so I thought I would join in on the fun. Because besides knowing about the Mojito Wedding you don't know much! :)

GUILTY OBSESSION: Reality Television

DREAM JOB: Wedding Planner

FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza & Lobster


DESSERT: Cupcakes (+1 for Funfetti!)

FAVORITE ADULT BEV: Mojito of course!

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: Angels Baseball (Go Halos!)

FAVORITE MOVIE: Mean Girls (but there are tons!)

DREAM VACATION: Greece (and Italy!!)
FAVORITE COLOR: Pink (Extra points because Range Rover is my dream car!)

FAVORITE BAND: No Doubt (Gwen's my idol!)

CELEB CRUSH: David Beckham (especially in this ad)

If you decide to join in on the fun let me know so I can check out some of YOUR favorite things! :)


Miss Pug said...

Awesome!!! Love the pic of Greece. One of my bridesmaids is 100% greek and her fam has an ISLAND there (ok they don't own it but it's all her fam on the island.) Her whole family is there but she's in law school and couldn't go since she's taking a summer class!!!! I feel so bad for her!

Miss Mojito said...

That is awesome! My MOH is from Portugal and basicaly her whole fam has one of the islands as well!