Monday, August 31, 2009

Please Don't Stop the Music: All Aboard

This one probably should have been before the ceremony, but I can jump back and tell you about it now right? I mean it is my blog afterall.

Let's set the mood...

You walk up to a gorgeous yacht.

They hand you a chilled flute of champagne and strawberries.

Then they want you to just socialize around and make your way up to the third level where the ceremony will be held. Well I definately think you need some music while that's happening, can't just be silence. Right?

So via some random boards I was browsing I think on the Knot or I came across a girls "recap" of her wedding and she mentioned someone called the Vitamin String Quartet.

Basically, these people do covers of anything you could think of with a string quartet. From Jimmy Buffett to Alice in Chains to Alanis Morrisette they have it covered. The first time I checked them out I was hooked. It's like, you are listening to the song and it sounds all pretty and then fifteen seconds into it you realize "Wait a second, I know this song!" and you realize you are enjoying some sweet tunes of Sweet Home Alabama done by a string quartet... soft and sweet, yet a little fun.

Here are a few that you would probably recognize as well as most of your guests:

Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeplin

Sugar We're Goin' Down by Fall Out Boy

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's

You get the point... there was a lack of videos on You Tube (couldn't find any of my faves) but you could spend hours flipping through their clips on their website.

So Mr. Mojito and I plan on chosing about eight songs or so to be playing while everyone will be boarding the yacht. If for any reason we go against that we will be playing steel drum music which we also love and have available. Just another something that would go along great with the tropical theme we are having.

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