Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Lucky Bride - Part 2

In Part 1 I explained to you how blessed I was to have a photographers services that I won in a contest, this next part of my wedding luck has more to do with just some here say and then making sure we made it happen!

Let me explain...

Being the big Angel baseball fans that we are, we tend to always watch the games. One night we heard them say to come out to the stadium tomorrow and the first 367 guests that come out in all of their Angel's gear with children's books to donate will recieve one free airfare roundtrip ticket with Jet Blue. Score! Before we got too excited we decided to look into two things:

1) How long will the voucher be good until since we aren't going on our Honeymoon until the last week in April?

2) Does Jet Blue even fly into Ft. Lauderdale, Florida since that is where our cruise is leaving from.

So we go online to read all of the rules and conditions and sure enough the voucher was good for one year -- we beat it by only a week... awesome! So then we hit up the Jet Blue website and they just started flying into Ft. Lauderdale -- double awesome! So of course *cough* we called in sick to work and headed down there around 8:30. They weren't giving out the vouchers until noon but we wanted to make sure we got there... good thing because we were 80th in line, if we would have just tried to go during our lunch break like MANY people did we wouldn't have been able to. The wristbands in line were maxed out before 10:00am.

So now just by donating a couple of children's books (and using a sick day at work) we were able to recieve our two tickets for airfare for our Honeymoon! Another thing we don't have to worry about saving up for.

Have you ever sacrificed some time with work to get something accomplished for your wedding day?

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