Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Lucky Bride - Part 1

I was always the girl that always signed up for contests and always called into the radio stations... now that I'm 24 years old I've gone along time without winning ANYTHING... until now. It all started in February and it just seemed like I got lucky... the best part is that a couple of those things worked out to benefit the wedding... I won a concert and a Valentine package on the radio from Ryan Seacrest... my fiance and I even won a trip to Australia in April through KiisFM as well. It seriously had been blessing after blessing. Australia was AMAZING, but by far the best contest I won was in May.

Back in January or February while browsin' the Bee Boards I found a Southern California photographer who was giving away a few free wedding photography packages to some lucky brides. He wasn't looking for the best sad story, or the most needy bride. But just someone who was unique and really seemed like they deserved it. So thinking it was far fetched Mr. Mojito and I filled out a long application making it as fun and creative as we could... I knew the contest was going on for a few months so I pretty much had forgotten about it. One day I'm just checking out all of my blog stalkings, one was the photographer that we applied for the contest with and I was shocked to see my name in the first few lines!

I was ecstatic. I couldn't believe that I got this lucky... what a blessing! I didn't want to get to excited until I officially met him and found out all of the details. I couldn't have been happier. Paul Manke was FANTASTIC. We were so comfortable talking with him and he seemed like a lot of fun. Just check out some wedding porn that includes some of his work.
[all photos by Paul Manke Photography]

Because of this I will be able to have the photobooth I wanted since I already had some money saved to go towards photography! Our engagement session is in two weeks and I can't wait to show you the work he does... we are doing our session at Angel's Stadium since Mr. Mojito and I are huge fans and have season tickets.

Was there anything that you received for your wedding that you weren't expecting?

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