Sunday, August 16, 2009

OC Weddingbee Meetup!

Do you ever talk to someone about your wedding plans and feel like you are beginning to feel their eyes glaze over? This happens to me a lot. Okay not that much, but I've come to realize that people who arne't into the whole wedding thing or aren't getting married themselves, really don't care.

That's why I love the meetups! I get to eat some great food while sitting with a ton of fabulous girls talking about our weddings! I attended my first meet up and can't wait for the next. You can read more about the post from Miss Frenchie here:

Top Row: Lauren, Laura (Soon2beeMrsLewis), Sarah, Laura (melodicsighs1), Sarah (naangel55), Janine (futureshoolz), Courtney (CourtneyCrocker), Laura (Charm Bracelet)
(You’d think we made all the Lauras and Sarahs stand together).

Middle Row: Michelle (Miss Duckling), Jamie (PrettyKitty), Allison/me (Miss Frenchie), Megan (Miss Sprinkle), Mary (ContraryMary)

Front Row: Stephanie (poli2b)