Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Sidekicks

Picking my bridal party wasn't an easy task. I have so many girls that have been such a big part of my life I wanted them all to be there on my special day. After some talks with Mr. Mojito I narrowed it down to six very lovely ladies...

First off my two best friends ever -- MOH-KC & MOH-Lu. They are the two best friends that I've had since my freshman year of high school and there was no way I was going to choose between these two fabulous ladies.

[Myself with MOH-KC at our friend's wedding last June]

[With MOH-Lu who was in our friend's wedding]

The other four ladies are fabulous... we have BM-LC, BM-FSIL, BM-Ash, & BM-Cuz

BM-LC I've known since I was in the fourth grade and although we had a rough patch we've pretty much been best friends for over fifteen years. She's seen me go through the most and I've seen her through the same... I loved being able to see her walk down the aisle with her fabulous husband last year.

[Meeting Britney Spears at her concert, awesome right? ;)]

Next is BM-FSIL... being an only child you can imagine my excitement to be able to call someone my future sister! And to boot, she's pretty much awesome and is actually getting married to one of our groomsman this December in Austin... I'm sure there will be a post down the road about that one! Unfortunately the first pix I took with her where this past weekend at her Bachelorette party and I haven't uploaded those yet.

BM-Ash is another friend I've had since my freshman year of high school. Another one who has been utterly awesome to have in my life. Although she lives in the Bay Area now, everytime I see her makes it that much more great!

[BM-Ash and myself at Rock the Keys, one of our fave Dueling Piano Bars]

Last but DEFINATELY not least, BM-Cuz. BM-Cuz obviously has been around the longest, she's a little bit older then me but our whole lives we were always close as cousins. I wanted to be like her when I was younger because she always looked so cool haha... now I'm so excited for her as we plan our weddings side by side since she will be getting married next October to her fantastic fiance (I'll take this moment to drop a name... he was a member in Save Ferris haha).

[Ack, please excuse shiny face... but this is me and BM-Cuz at a Halloween party some friends and I threw last year... she was a beer maiden and I was the Wicked Witch of the Westside]

[And because I told you I was the Wicked Witch of the Westside I just HAD to share a pic of the whole crew dressed up as everyone from Oz! People loved us wherever we went! Scarecrow, Glenda the Good Witch, Lion, Wicked Witch of the Westside, Evil Flying Monkey (hard to see him!), Dorothy, Wizard, and TinMan!]

Was it hard to pick who was going to be in your wedding party?

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