Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Askin' the BMs (Part 2 of 2)

In an older post about asking the girls to be in my wedding I discussed with you the cards I made the day after I got engaged. I spent all afternoon at the scrapbook stores and got to work... did I mention it was Father's Day? Good thing my dad just wanted to relax and watch movies until we went out that evening so I was able to DIY while still spending some quality time with Papa Mojito! So here is some of the pix I took and for some reason I couldn't get a good flash on it and if I turned the flash off it was just way too blurry. These are the tags that went on the headbands:

I don't believe I mentioned the last card I made though, this one was for Mr. Mojito. I guess I was basically saying, "Thanks for marrying my pain in the ass." But it was really just a note expressing how much I loved him and how I couldn't spend the rest of the day together. Mr. Mojito thought I did a great job on the card and it is already in the stack of "Don't forget to put this in the scrapbook" stuff. But it did sit out on our bar for a couple of weeks before getting put away, so some of my crafty friends got to appreciate the work I did. Here are a couple of pix of the card for Mr. Mo:

After recieving the bling did you do anything or give anything to your future mister... whether something big, or even just a nice little card?

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