Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A little aHEAD...

So yeah, I've done lots and lots of dress shopping. Have I found dresses I like? Of course, I've actually found a good top 3 contendors. But I never had that moment that I feel I'm supposed to have with my dress when I find the one. So yeah, have no idea when I will make that decision... but should that stop me from figuring out other details? Probably, but it hasn't.
I have made purchases and decisions (that of course aren't set in stone) but although I love them now they could be completely not right for whatever dress I choose. So that's when the Weddingbee classified will get some work from me. :)
The first purchase I made was actually a veil off of eBay. I couldn't help myself. I went dress shopping and tried on a GORGEOUS veil... and it was $200! I was floored, for a piece of fabric?? So yeah had to go home and hit up the 'net to see what prices veils are going for on there, whew much better. I found a veil that looked identical to the one I tried on... it was a simple one tier cathedral length with swarvoski crystals sparaticaly all over. Free shipping, $25, plus a free garter? Sold. I was parading around the house with a gorgeous veil that seriously was identical one week later.

[ginger4wedding on ebay]

sorry for the crappy quality of the photo

But now I've thought. One tier?! But what about the dramatic beautiful moment when my dad removes the veil from over my face? That's something I've always thought was such a great moment.

[Sheltering Pines Blog]

So of course now I'm thinking I have to have at least two tier so I can do that, plus I still want the cathedral length for those fabulous veil photos like the ones our dear Mrs. Quiche has.

As long as the attack doesn't happen...

Since my wedding is at the beach I'm sure we'll get some good breezes for the veil shots, if not we can always have someone holding it up outside of the picture! :)

But clearly a cathedral length veil isn't practical for a reception as well, and everyone has always known me to be a girl to where flowers in her hair. So why let them down? I want something big and gorgeous, and like many of the other Bees I went straight to Etsy for the search.

First ones I came across was through a seller MeadowbelleMarket and they have some GORGEOUS flowers. This one I know I love and I'm holding out based on what color I get the dress... but this is the one I'm going to get...

It's big, it's beautiful, and I love it. Of course there's always room to change my mind right? :)

How many accesories did you go through before you made a final decision?

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