Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let ME eat Cake!

The cake was one of the easiest tasks for Mr. Mojito and I... and of course this was at the top of Mr. Mojito's "important" list. In the beginning of this wedding planning process he told I could do what I want with the flowers and such but there are three things he needs to be a part of: food, cake, and music. I guess it's a good thing I knew we could come to an agreement on these three things fairly easily. And so far we have tackled food and cake with no arguments. :)

My cake is included with my location, Electra Cruises. Although they had tons of vendors that were included for all of the other options, they only had one cake vendor to choose from and that was Cinderella Cakes. When we found this out the day we checked out the location and were pretty confident we were going to be putting down a down payment, Mr. M insisted we check out this baker since they were just down the street. Having a craving for something sweet, I didn't oblige to some delicious cake nom's.

As we pulled into the parking lot you can see the showroom through their front window. Right in the window Brad said - "That is it!" Wait, what? We haven't even gotten out of the car yet. As we walked up to the window I saw it and loved it... although we saw some changes we wanted we knew this was perfect for all of the things we have going on in our wedding -- bright (fuchsia, tangerine, and lime) and tropical!

Here are some pictures of the cake and all of its bamboo and tropical goodness details...

This last picture shows the entire cake. The only thing we are going to change is the pillars, we definately want the cake stacked so we think that will make it so much better, also since all of the bamboo is made with fondue we are cutting out a bit of the green bamboo that sticks up to save the cost. Basically the only thing we had to pay for was the gum paste flowers which we got her to do for $100 and everything else she included in our "package" at Electra. We will also be having four tiers instead of three based on the amount of people we are having.
Now let me tell you my FAVORITE part. I will start by telling you that I am NOT a fan of fondant. I love me some cake, and the best compliment to my cake is frosting. They don't like using fondant at this cakery except for details such as the bamboo that borders the cake. They specialize in making the PERFECT SMOOOOOTH buttercream frosting so until you cut it, you can hardly tell that it's not buttercream -- that's what I love!
Now onto the yummy details. Their cakes are DELISH! We went a couple of different times when we knew they had different flavors there but we were set on the delicious choices we made the first time:
  • Bottom Tier - Vanilla Cake with a Lemon Cream Frosting (to die for!)
  • 2nd Tier - Marble with Kahlua Mocha Chip Frosting
  • 3rd Tier - Chocolate with Chocolate Baileys Frosting
  • Top Tier - Vanilla Cake with a Lemon Cream Frosting again

About the top tier, I know there is this whole tradition of saving the top tier for your one year anniversary, but all of my friends have told me it tastes like crap. What Cinderella Cakes does is included with your cake is on your one year anniversary they make you a replica of your top tier for you to come pick up and enjoy a FRESH cake on your anniversary. We loved that idea! If the top tier is left over we might save it for sentimental reasons and still try it, but it's not that important to us.

What are your cake flavors and the fun details that you and your FI have chosen? Was it an easy or difficult task for you to decide on?


Newport Nuptials said...

This post is making me hungry! I'm not a fan of fondant either, I like the smooth look, but if you have a skilled baker who can do the smooth look with buttercream thats better. Fondant looks good, but tastes so blah!

honey my heart said...

mmm sounds so yummy and looks so pretty. cake tasting has been one of our favorite wedding related activities!